Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the eye of the birthday holder

I woke up a year older today... and felt a decade older.  No lies here; 27 really just sounded a lot older than 26 this morning.  I don't feel it, and thankfully, I'm pretty sure I don't look it either.  If I'm mistaken about that last part, just don't tell me.  When I'm 50, I'll still believe I can be mistaken for a high schooler.

Hi bloggies, meet high school me circa Junior Prom 2001.  Yeah, we really didn't have digital cameras back in the stone ages.
Yes, 10 years ago.  Ouch.
And just to keep things honest, yes I do currently have pretty much the same tan lines courtesy of last weekend's camping trip.

Let's pretend she looks just like not-so-high school me circa 2011.

Ok, ok, so maybe I just felt OLD because I made an appointment this morning to have my eyes checked because I can't see when I drive in the dark unless I'm in the city... which is pretty much the opposite of driving in the dark.  You should all definitely feel super safe being in the car with me, pinky swear.