Hey readers.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I write how I feel and share whatever comes to mind.  I have a zest for life and I know how to laugh at myself, but I've always considered myself a pretty big nerd too.  Hence the name.
The hubs just happens to be a fantastic photographer too: www.hodnick.net
I share lots of stories of adventures and misadventures of daily, and not so daily, life.  The hubs tends to make frequent appearances.  I'm kind of stuck keeping him around.  Something about marriage, commitment, sickness, health, blah, blah, smile, frosting.
I'm a lifelong soccer player with new found love of running.  I ran my first race, my first marathon, in May 2012 and got hooked.  I still play soccer weekly and just keep active as much as possible.
I finished my long journey through grad school in April 2012 earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and I'm now embarking on my career as a PT.  My passion is working with children, but I know a thing or two about other aspects as well.
Other things I like to ramble on about are healthy food, family, fitness, and not so healthy food.  Yeah, when I indulge, I believe you have to do it up right!
Comments and questions are always welcome; I love to make new friends.  If you're a Burgher, even better!
And if you take yourself too seriously, you're probably in the wrong place...

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