Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I've learned this weekend

Kind of like "what I did on summer vacation", this is "what I learned this weekend".

1. Running even just 1 mile feels pretty amazing after not being able to run for more than 3 months!  It was just an easy 10:09 mile to test my left knee a little bit, but it felt incredible.  My lungs are telling me otherwise thanks to sunny but breezy 35 degree weather, but hopefully they'll forgive me.
2. Adding a pair of wool socks turns workout gear into a base layer while shoveling snow.  Score one for making less dirty laundry!  And thanks to that snow we shoveled, I also didn't have to work Saturday morning; the extra sleep was a much appreciated surprise.
Clearly a base layer fashionista.
3. Fleece lined leggings are among the greatest things you never knew you needed.  No picture because they don't actually look any different than regular leggings... but they are fleece on the inside!  It's a beautiful marriage between leggings and sweatpants.  I wore them under a dress to the theater last night, and they get my two thumbs up in well below freezing temps!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Early Bird

Do you know what happens when I wake up 3 hours before I have to be at work?  I get my sweat on early and am ready for work 90 minutes before I even start.  I even dried my hair.  And put on makeup.  And ate breakfast somewhere that wasn't in my car while driving down the highway.
Cheesy morning smiles!  And just about the most dressed up I get for work...
The initial plan was to go for a "jog" since my PT finally gave me the go ahead to try "jogging a mile" before Monday.  But then the weatherman told me it was 19 degrees and breezy, and my elliptical 5 feet away looked way more welcoming!   The after felt so good too.  I wish I could convince myself more often that morning workouts are a good idea.  I have an exponential amount more energy to start the day and a nice healthy glow too.  It's just hard to remember that at 6am when I'm cuddling under a pile of blankets.

In totally unrelated news, I am really craving some serious baking this weekend.  Instead of the usual sweet fatty (but delicious) treat, I really want to do a healthy grainy treat.  Muffins maybe?  Wholesome version of something a little more indulgent?

Question of the Day: What's the last "healthy" (quotations totally needed there) baked treat you made or ate?  Recommendations?

PS- I only lost control of my car briefly twice on my drive home today in the snow.  Yippy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shoe free

I have a new Tuesday night tradition I hope to keep going strong.  It's my Tuesday night Trader Joe's splurge.  It is the only time I can go there without going out of my way, and it's the perfect way to be sure I keep the kitchen stocked with yogurt and fresh fruit.  Plus, I get all excited over all the "fun" food they have; we've been trying new things left and right.

Today's workout: Ab Ripper X.  I actually turned off Biggest Loser to get a workout in, which is definitely (and sadly) a first; I usually watch while snacking on the couch.  That's probably not the way it's supposed to go.  I have a chest congestion thing that decided to settle in last night, so I didn't want to push my cardio while that's full on.

I also like workouts that don't require me putting shoes on.  +1 for working out at home.
Anatomy geeking- check out my anterior tibs!
It's no news to anyone that knows me that:
1. I LOVE a good deal, especially when it comes to clothes.
2. I am moderately obsessed with shopping at Target.

The above is why I have to share that today's workout clothes came to whopping total of $14.96.
Clearance rack love.
Question of the Day: Do you care if your workout clothes are cute, stylish, or even match?  Or you the one working out in hole ridden tshirts and shorts from the 80s?

Monday, January 9, 2012


I've been home for two hours and have accomplished exactly 3 things:
1. Took my shoes off.
2. Heated up some chicken burgers.
3. Got sucked into the fabulously-cringeworthy Bachelor drama.

And I can feel ok about my lazy evening because I actually did drag my bum out of bed and get a workout in before leaving for clinic this morning.  Despite the fact that I feel so good after an AM sweat sesh, I have the hardest time making myself do it.  It's not that I don't want to work out, it's just that I don't want to get out of my warm soft cozy bed!  This bed, which is totally worth posting a pic of on a weekly basis.  FYI- If you got us a wedding git of money- you helped put this lovely piece of amazingness in our bedroom.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Speaking of weddings and such, I was asked today how young I was when I got engaged and then married.  21 and 22 respectively sounded so young saying them out loud, hah.  When it's right it's right though, and I hope every good person finds someone that makes them as happy as I am with the hubs.  Cue the cheesefest!

Question of the Day: Assuming you were single, would you ever go on the Bachelor/Bachelorette as the leading lady/gentleman?  As one of the contestants?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dining Morals

I love moral and ethical debates.  I love them even more when they're about mostly "fluffy" topics far away from the weight of religion, politics, child rearing, and such.  I also really loved the biomedical ethics class I took in undergrad, but that's fodder for another post.

So here is a scenario that may or may not have recently happened to someone that may or may not be me, despite the fact that I'll write in first person.  We had fun debating our own morals over the dinner table.

We headed out to a popular chain restaurant for an early dinner, figuring we would beat the dinner rush if we arrived before 5.  Instead, we were greeted with a 90 minute wait.  We put our name on the list and took a buzzer to at least hold our spot while debating whether our stomachs or patience could handle an hour-plus wait.  We were leaning toward leaving and finding another place.

While deciding, we were approached by a young man.  He said he and his date had arrived about an hour earlier but were going to be late for an event if they didn't leave asap- did we want their buzzer?  There would be a table for two ready under his name very shortly if we'd like it.  We didn't hesitate and thanked him profusely (and gave him our buzzer to tell the hostess she could take "us" off the list).

I did a little happy dance under the fake tree in the corner while hubs tried not to smile too big.  Then we wondered if it was a poor moral choice?  Was it line cutting?  Or just line.... replacing?  After all, we didn't have make the line any longer.  Impersonating another person with their permission?  I had a lot of fun with that last one.

And we had done appetizers, dinner, and dessert in a leisurely manner, paid the bill, and were heading out the door a good 20 minutes before we would had even been seated otherwise.

"Tsk tsk" or no big deal?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just keep swimming!

I love the feeling I get from a good workout, one where I know I pushed myself further than I thought I could.  This afternoon's workout falls in that category.  Pay no mind to the fact that it was completely negated by the early dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Though I've had the best of intentions, I haven't swam laps for exercise in many years.  I finally picked up a cap and goggles this week though, and I am already in the pool Saturday mornings for work.  Running is still on hold, and I just wasn't get the intensity of a workout that I wanted.  I was out of excuses.  Off to the pool I went.  The hour or so in the water went something like this.

Lap 1 Breaststroke was a bad idea.  My knee is not going to be happy with me if I keep this up.

Lap 2 Freestyle is easy, I'll just do like 30 laps of this and call it a day.

Lap 3 I can't breath and I just swallowed water.  Is it bad to swim 5 laps and leave?

Lap 4 Ok, ok, just one more after this and I'll stop at 5; I can always do more next time.

Lap 5 Breathing during backstroke is so much easier.  Maybe I'll stay.

Lap 6 I should have brought more than a PB sandwich to eat; I'm hungry

Lap 7 There's water in my ear; that's a good reason to stop now, right?

Lap 8 Is my face supposed to feel like it's on fire?

Lap 9 I could totally stop after the next one.  10 is a respectable number right?

Lap 10 If I want to blog about this, 10 laps just isn't good enough.

Lap 11 I obviously can't stop at 11; it's a prime number.

Lap 12 If I already did 12, I might as well go for 15.

Lap 13 My swim cap is squeezing my ears so hard they hurt.  It's been awhile; did I put it on right?

Lap 14 The girls next to me, complaining that they're out of shape, are moving way faster than me!

Lap 15 This would be a good place to stop but the girls in the next lane are still moving, and butterflying!

Lap 16 My shoulders are going to hate me tomorrow- I'm SO done after 18!

Lap 17 Hey look at this- what if I just do the backstroke only using my legs!?

Lap 18 Look mom- no hands!  My legs are strong I could go like this forever.

Lap 19 Cramp, cramp, cramp, oh and another one.  My gastrocs hate me!

Lap 20 To stop or not to stop.
Lap 20.5 Guess I didn't stop.  I think I hit my groove!

Lap 21 I'm totally doing pushups and tricep dips on the wall after this.

Lap 22 I lied, my arms feel like Jello.  I'll be lucky if I can get out of the pool, forget pushups!

Lap 23 The other girls left- I think this constitutes a real workout now!

Lap 21 If I suddenly sink to the bottom... is that lifeguard actually paying attention?

Lap 25 Swim your butt off and you can stop at the end of this lap.

Then I drove home in a wet suit because I was too focused on food to waste time showering.  On the way to my car I thought I was definitely nosediving down the stairs because my quads wouldn't stop shaking.  A few hours later, the muscle soreness in my arms and shoulders is definitely settling in.

Love it- can't wait for my next pool workout!

Question of the Day: When was the last time you really pushed yourself to go further in a workout, even after you thought you couldn't go anymore?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is a squall anyway?

The conversation with my PT at the end of today's session went something like this....

Me: So when you do you suppose I can start running again?
PT: Not yet.  You are aware of how long this kind of injury takes (insert long PT nerd neuromuscular convo here)
*sad face*
That's not the answer you wanted, is it?  Let's visit it again closer to the end of January.
Um, that's why I'm letting you make my running decisions for me; I almost ran yesterday.  Oh, and I mentioned that "start running again" really means "marathon training", right?
Why on Earth would anyone want to run a marathon???  But yes, you should be good to start training my the end of the month.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I feel like I have at least a vague turning point ahead of me now.  And while I might be a week late with my planned training start, I should still be in good shape to get back on track.

In other news, we were hit with Pittsburgh's first "real" snow between yesterday and today.  I haven't heard the word squall used so many times in my entire life.  It also took me 2 hours to drive my usual 30 minute morning commute.  I would have taken pictures but I was just too annoyed... and uber late for work!  I'm usually not a whiner, but I was having a one woman pity party in my car this morning, and simultaneously congratulating myself for having over a half tank of gas in the car!

Question of the Day: Do you love snow or hate it?  Anyone that hasn't actually seen real snow before?
I love it when I don't have to drive in it and can instead just watch it out my front window.  I would have loved it much more yesterday than today!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Productivity sort of

You are clearly having a productive day when you've already napped and gotten up a second time before noon.

Other accomplishments of today include...

1. Vacation window shopping.  As I wrap up my first 4 day weekend in a long time, it's only now clearer that I really need a vacation.  Leaving Pittsburgh winter for the Caribbean?  I think I could handle a little slice of that!  The "Dream" may be getting a second visit from us.

2. Job window shopping.  I kept telling myself I would start looking for openings as soon as the new year rolled around.  I still can't take my board exam for 6 more months so the pressure isn't on yet, but I'm looking.  At least I'm now aware of what pediatric clinics exist in my area.

3. Running shoes window shopping.  Hopefully I'll be back to running soon, post ITBS and PFPS issues.  It's also nearing in close to the start of marathon training in preparation for May.  Still not thrilled with the local running store options in my area (and I'm willing to drive!) but a fitting and new kicks are a necessity in the upcoming weeks.

4.  Attempting to figure out where the still missing Christmas present is that I ordered for the hubs... UPS fail.  Tracking shows it hasn't moved since before Dec 16. Awesome.

5. Renewing my Passport, in preparation for #1.  I also just discovered that this thing called a Passport Card exists... and it's only $30 if you already have a Passport.  I would really prefer this instead of carrying my Passport or only my drivers license in cruise ports.  How did I miss this when they came out a few years ago?

6.  I also cleaned my office, paid my tuition, paid other bills, etc etc, but most importantly of all...  I spent most of my day on my couch, under a blanket, and with a cup of cocoa in hand.  Precisely how today was intended to be spent. 

Question of the Day: When was your last opportunity for a lazy day?  Did you take advantage of it... on your couch?