Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I've learned this weekend

Kind of like "what I did on summer vacation", this is "what I learned this weekend".

1. Running even just 1 mile feels pretty amazing after not being able to run for more than 3 months!  It was just an easy 10:09 mile to test my left knee a little bit, but it felt incredible.  My lungs are telling me otherwise thanks to sunny but breezy 35 degree weather, but hopefully they'll forgive me.
2. Adding a pair of wool socks turns workout gear into a base layer while shoveling snow.  Score one for making less dirty laundry!  And thanks to that snow we shoveled, I also didn't have to work Saturday morning; the extra sleep was a much appreciated surprise.
Clearly a base layer fashionista.
3. Fleece lined leggings are among the greatest things you never knew you needed.  No picture because they don't actually look any different than regular leggings... but they are fleece on the inside!  It's a beautiful marriage between leggings and sweatpants.  I wore them under a dress to the theater last night, and they get my two thumbs up in well below freezing temps!

1 comment:

  1. Fleece lined leggings?? Why have I never heard of these? Sounds like a dream!

    Glad your knee is on the mend :)