Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is a squall anyway?

The conversation with my PT at the end of today's session went something like this....

Me: So when you do you suppose I can start running again?
PT: Not yet.  You are aware of how long this kind of injury takes (insert long PT nerd neuromuscular convo here)
*sad face*
That's not the answer you wanted, is it?  Let's visit it again closer to the end of January.
Um, that's why I'm letting you make my running decisions for me; I almost ran yesterday.  Oh, and I mentioned that "start running again" really means "marathon training", right?
Why on Earth would anyone want to run a marathon???  But yes, you should be good to start training my the end of the month.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I feel like I have at least a vague turning point ahead of me now.  And while I might be a week late with my planned training start, I should still be in good shape to get back on track.

In other news, we were hit with Pittsburgh's first "real" snow between yesterday and today.  I haven't heard the word squall used so many times in my entire life.  It also took me 2 hours to drive my usual 30 minute morning commute.  I would have taken pictures but I was just too annoyed... and uber late for work!  I'm usually not a whiner, but I was having a one woman pity party in my car this morning, and simultaneously congratulating myself for having over a half tank of gas in the car!

Question of the Day: Do you love snow or hate it?  Anyone that hasn't actually seen real snow before?
I love it when I don't have to drive in it and can instead just watch it out my front window.  I would have loved it much more yesterday than today!

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