Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Killing time until

This morning left me with 3.5 hours to kill while my car was getting a new part.  Yes, my new car.  Let's not talk about it.

So off I went.  First stop was supposed to be coffee, but then I had the bright idea to get my haircut.  Turned out to not be such a bright idea.

However, before I could realize that my hair was butchered, I headed to Whole Foods for lunch.  It was my first experience with the famous Whole Foods salad bar, and I'm officially in love.
The weather was perfect for lunch on the sidewalk, even if the view left something to be desired.
Next stop, Starbucks venti vanilla iced coffee, and back to the dealership... where the view left even more to be desired.
At least I wore cute shoes to stare at.

3.5 hours later, and I was finally off to run a million errands.  Only when I got into the fitting rooms at Target did I look in the mirror and realize the sad state of my hair.  I convinced myself it wasn't "so" bad, and I finally made my way home.

I stood in front of my bathroom mirror for a good 10 minutes parting, pulling, yanking, sweeping, and brushing to no avail.  I called the hubs and almost cried over the state of my mop, very unlike me.  I knew I needed a fix pronto because I was dealing with a glorified mullet: shaggy bob in the front and long layers in the back!
I was 5 times more annoyed than I look, and my hair at least 3 times as bad as it looks.  A little dramatic, yes.  The ladies back at my usual salon got me fixed up as best they could though and were sweet as could be.  Sadly, they couldn't glue the 4 inches of hair back onto my head.  Lesson learned.

Have any bad salon experiences?  A bad cut or color gone wrong?  Make this sad 'do feel like it's not alone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I've been blog-absent for the last month but with good reason!  I spent most of June soaking in every last bit of the food, history, art, and beauty of Italy.  Amazing is the only word to describe it.  That said, I do have some fun posts started (and lots of words) about everything we saw and ate while there that I'll be rolling out once I get my hands on the hubs thousands of pictures.

For now... some Blackberry quality sneak peeks.

Our first dinner in Italy on a walking street in Venice, after 2 days of travel.  I sat there repeating, "I can't believe I'm really here" over and over again.  The beauty of Venice totally blew me away; it was love.  I also loved all the wine and carbs...
Jetlag isn't my best look, but I can't even explain how how purely happy I was this night to have finally arrived!
One place I just knew we needed to make a stop while in Rome was La Botticella, the Steelers bar.  Yes, an Italian bar plastered in Steelers paraphernalia.  I suppose it defeats the "Europe experience" when you go where you know you'll be surrounded by people from your own hometown, but it was a blast.  And, well, Jesus was wearing a Steelers helmet, and you can't argue with that!
Hi, sorry we look like we've walked 10 miles in 95 degree weather... it's because we pretty much had.  Thank you Roman heat wave!
Anyone else have fun summer plans they've been enjoying?  
Any upcoming travel plans?  Let me live vicariously through you now that I've spent my travel budget for the next decade!

Friday, June 7, 2013

It just got sur-real

Life has quickly gone from busy to positively surreal.

Yesterday was my students' last day.

Today was my last day at the school before 4 weeks off.

The hubs and I board a plane in less than 72 hours for a vacation I've literally dreamed about for years!

I'm feeling blessed with my life right now.

Now if only the Pens can pull off a win against Boston tonight... we'll have even more reason to be celebrating!

What things (big or small) are you celebrating in your life right now?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grow up and act like a little girl

After running a few errands after work yesterday, I had a hard time deciding whether to hit the gym or skip it.  I convinced myself I needed to go, knowing I wouldn't regret it.  Two wonderful things happened when I got there.

1. It was an arm day, and the weight room was a ghost town.  I prefer free weights for arm work, but the weight room at the Y can get crowded.  I don't care so much who is there, but I admittedly hate sharing benches.  I like to have my own little slice of space, and I had space galore to work on my guns ;)
Thank you iphone for the high quality image

2. As I was walking into the Y, there was a young girl walking in with her mother.  This story is even sweeter if you know that she was about 5 years-old and wearing nothing but a swimsuit and flip-flops (crazy hot weather this week!).  As I walked past her she looked straight up at me and said with the most sincerity a child can muster "You're pretty!"  I stopped, squatted down, and told her thank you and that she was very pretty as well.

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us how easy it is to make another person smile.  Old, young, friend or stranger, it takes only seconds to share a compliment.  Perhaps we all need to start acting like 5 year-old little girls a little more often...

When was the last time a stranger surprised you with a compliment?  

Did you "pass on" the kindness to someone else?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gelato for dinner?

I love my kiddos, but I can't stop thinking about only having 12 work days before the school year is over.  That marks the start of my summer break and time for a huge 18 day vacation.  It would be (will be?) hard working in any other PT setting after enjoying the perks of a school-based position.

For now though, I'm just trying to enjoy the weekend.  The hubs is away for a few, so things are a little different around here.  Friday evening will definitely include watching the Penguins game, and it may also include any or all of the following...

  • Eating gelato and kettle corn for dinner
  • Staying on the couch for hours at a time
  • Online shopping for said vacation
  • Watching TLC wedding shows
  • Reading blogs
  • Doing absolutely nothing productive
  • Eating more gelato
Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!

How are you spending your Friday night?

Your idea of a perfect Friday night?

PS. I don't really eat gelato for dinner.  Gelato was just my appetizer.  Dinner was this monster-sized seafood stuffed portabella.  Yum.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The hubs will be off to Vegas for a few days this week, and we'll be waking up in my dream vacation destination in less than a month!  That can only mean one thing... I was able to drag the hubs to the mall today.  This rarity usually happens about once a year, just before we go on vacation.  Sunglasses, boat shoes, and linen have me ready to start packing.

The last big thing to check off my list is a go-everywhere bag for 18 days of traveling and touristing (this is a word now).

I found this one at Macy's, and feel in instant love lust.
Fossil Explorer Tote (shopping.com)
Dear beautiful luscious bag, why must you cost $238?

I can spend $120 on running shoes that will last me a few months without blinking an eye, but even $100+ for a handbag that will last (pretty much) forever makes me want to...vomit.

I think a trip to the outlets may need to be in my plans soon.

What do you easily splurge your money on?
Running shoes and jeans for me

Where do pinch your pennies versus splurging for the "good stuff"?
Handbags and anything I wear to work

Friday, May 10, 2013

What 12 months do to a runner

The biggest thing that hit me while running the Pittsburgh Marathon, and afterwards, on Sunday was how different it was than last year.  The thoughts, the emotions, the physical feeling of running was such a striking change.

Then... I had only started running 4 months prior.
Now... running has been a part of my life for more than a year.

Then... I was able to remain relaxed with no expectations.
Now... my nerves were going crazy for the days leading up to the race.

Then... my only goal was to finish on my own two feet, not knowing if I could finish at all
Now... I had goals, and I was hell-bent on improving

Then... I had only a vague idea on how to pace or fuel over 26.2 miles; I just did whatever felt right
Now... I have room to improve but I had an actual plan this time!

Then... I hit the halfway point in 2:30 and I had no idea how I'd run 13.1 more miles.
Now... I hit the halfway point in 2:15, and I was excited for the second half.
*Side note: My first half-marathon, last October, was slower than 2:15!!!

Then... I ran much of the race with a sparse crowd of runners and spectators that were ready to pack it in for the day
Now... I had company the whole way (including a PT classmate!) and I was early enough for the gummi worms and for the beer, of which I only took the former

Then... I was convinced from mile 18 on that I was perhaps dying a slow, hot death and questioned repeatedly whether I could finish or not
Now... I was running mental calculations at mile 18 trying to figure out how hard I would have to push to hit my goal.  Only in the last .2 miles did I feel like I was going to not make it!

Then... 5:36:17
Now... 5:03:47.  Not my goal time but a huge 32:30 PR!

Then... I entered the finish chute hyperventilating and begging for water to be poured over my head
Now... I was all smiles and happy tears in the finish chute this year... even though there was no food.

Then... I hobbled back to the parking garage as if I had a stick up my bum; my legs felt broken
Now... I couldn't stop talking  about how I felt 100x better than the year before

Then... I lost 4 toenails total.
Now... Just ONE!

Then... I could barely move the next day, and I was overwhelmingly sore from head to toe for a few days
Now... I was certainly sore but all but my quads and hamstrings had recovered in 48 hours

Then... I was researching more races as soon as I was rested enough to keep my eyes open
Now... Ok, so I guess this is the point where things stopped changing.  Fall 26.2 maybe?

Then... mile 4.5 in 2012
Now... same mile mark 12 months later
Let's have a shout out for what running does for your legs...

What differences did you notice between your first race or marathon and any or all that came after that?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Runner of Steel

Marathon #2 is in the books.  I made myself a Runner of Steel in 5:03:47, for a 32:30' PR!
Hodnick Photography
And yes... already looking for Marathon #3.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Go Time... Goal Time

It's just about marathon "go" time!  Just need to double check my layout of gear for the morning and then I'll be trying to get 8ish hours of sleep before an early wake-up.

First though, it's goal.  Seeing as it's only my second marathon I'm still giving myself a nice comfy range this time.  Last year's goal was just to finish... alive.  I'm kicking it up a notch from that!

A Goal: 4:45
B Goal: sub 5:00
C Goal: PR
...and if I don't PR, something has gone terribly, horribly wrong!

I'm more than just a smidge excited to crush last year's time!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Pittsburgh Marathon #2: The final countdown

1 day
11 hours
...some odd minutes

...and I'll be toeing the line for marathon #2 at the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon!  More specifically, I'll be toeing a random spot of pavement in the last corral, but that's neither here nor there.

I took a day off from work today to ensure I was well rested.  I love my kiddos, but my job can leave me physically, emotionally, and mentally drained by the weekend.  I figured an extra lazy day certainly wouldn't hurt!  This also meant I could hit the expo early and have that out of the way.  It was literally the only thing on my to-do list today, and I was home by noon.

Just like last year, I was able to walk right up to the bib, shirt, and bag tables without waiting in any lines at all.  I think the shirts are the same Asics long sleeve tech as last year, and I was glad I went with the Small.
The bag swag was pretty typical.  I didn't spend much time browsing or picking up samples; saving my legs and saving money!
Speaking of Boston, I was sure to swing by the Steel City Road Runners booth to buy my Boston wrist band.  It's a $1 donation to support OneFund, and an easy way to show support on Sunday or otherwise.
I'm hoping my Boston Strong chevron Bic Band shows up in the mail tomorrow too, just in time for race day!

Anyone else racing this weekend?  

Cheering for the Penguins tonight?  
You should be!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The difference a year makes

The new class of DPTs graduated from my alma mater this weekend.  That means it has now been a full year since my own graduation and a year of having a real life!

Looking back at the 3 long years of grad school leading up to that day, it was an incredible journey with a lot of amazing people.
But let's be honest... life post-grad school is so much better!  

Congratulations class of 2014... and thanks for reminding me how far I've come!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warm weather shenanigans

Does anyone else find their social calendar kind of dull in the first cold, dreary months of the year?

Then you find yourself up to your ears in fun once the sunshine shows its face again?
Then you realize that fun didn't include much of the running that your marathon training plan called for?  Oops.

Spring has finally arrived in Western PA, and we've been enjoying it every last bit.  Ok, so the truth is that it was actually freezing for the Pirates game we had to tickets to Wednesday night.  After layering myself up in my most fashionable spandex and wool, we ended up watching the Pirates and Penguins games side-by-side from the warm comfort of the casino restaurant.  It did get warm after that though!
You can never wear too many socks when its cold outside!
Friday we grabbed dinner and drinks with friends before heading to an off-Broadway show at the Benedum.  Chocolate Covered Pretzel Martinis were involved, what?!
I would love this even without alcohol... because then I could drink 10 of them!
At the Benedum, photo stolen from the man in the tophat
Sunday we trekked up to the area where the hubs grew up for all-you-can-eat pancakes at a maple syrup festival.  We did this every year while dating, but hadn't been back since we got married.  Excuse me for scarfing them down without a picture, we may have lucked our way into the vendor tent instead of standing in the hour-plus line... and we were just trying to lay low.

After a quick stop for some pink protective gear, I also had my first shooting experience.  I've said that shooting a gun was something I could have easily gone my whole life without ever trying, but I gave it a shot (shot... get it).  I'm always up for trying new things though, and surprisingly enjoyed myself!
I could actually hit something... purposefully!
See my hands?  That is not what your hands should be doing, not at all.
Ok, back to reality.  I don't work tomorrow, so 12 mile long run it is.  Less than a month until the Pittsburgh Marathon!

What warm weather fun have you been up to now that Spring is officially here?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Going barefoot

I've been a regular at the YMCA near work since last summer.  As soon as I started there, I saw there was a Tuesday evening yoga class.  I swore to myself then that I would try it out asap.  I've been wanting to try yoga forever, and the classes at the Y are free.  It's a win-win, and I had nothing to lose.  Plus, my lack of flexibility is pretty horrendous.  My hamstrings could use some downward dog time!
Yeah, that's really the best I've got!
So of course it took me 9 months of regularly being at the gym on Tuesday afternoons to finally set foot inside the yoga class this afternoon.  I was legitimately anxious about this new endeavor all day long, and I was really nervous while sitting outside the aerobics room before class.  I admit, I even googled "what to expect at first yoga class" before going to the gym today.  Isn't that the opposite of what yoga is supposed to do for you?  Relax.

The good news is that once I got over the "Ah, what do I do?  Where do I  put my shoes?  I'm supposed to be barefoot, right?", it was actually fun!  It was a tiny class, just 4 of us and the teacher.  And it was really laid back, much more than I thought it would be, which really helped me feel comfortable.  The instructor was a little chatty, was totally making a plan on the fly, and even asked the class a few times what they wanted to do.

Also, the other women in the tiny class were totally average people.  No one was twisting their body into a pretzel while standing on their head, and it helped me not feel totally out of place.  I didn't feel like a fool, but it was also challenging.  Apparently my balance is about as awful as my flexibility, yikes!  I have a lot learn and room to improve, which is kind of exciting.

I know where I'll be next Tuesday afternoon.

What was the last new endeavor you took on?  What took you out of your comfort zone?  
Will you do it again or was it a "at least I tried" attempt?

Monday, April 1, 2013

JASR 1/2 Marathon Recap

Saturday was the annual Just a Short Run at North Park, and I opted for 1/2 marathon in preparation for my full in 5 weeks.  Packet pick-up was a cinch at Elite Runners and Walkers on Thursday.  The goodies included shorts and socks, with shirts for an extra fee.  I thought it was a nice alternative.  I didn't buy the shirt, but I ended up receiving one free for volunteering at packet pick-up.  It's the best fitting dri-fit tee I own now.

On Saturday morning, the hubs drove and we opted to park <1 mile from the start/finish and just walk.  It was literally freezing on arrival, and we thought a little walk may warm us up!  We also figured it would be a nice cool down walk without having to wait on a shuttle after the race.

There were plenty of flushing (yay!) port-a-potties at the start, and a small indoor restroom as well.  There was a bag drop too, but the hubs was there for me.  He parked himself near the start/finish so I could drop my warm clothes with him at the last second, and I looped past again 3 more times, convenient to toss my gloves later.  It was a nice setup for spectators to hang near the finish but still see their runners a few times.  Did I mention my hubs is incredibly supportive of everything I do?  While I warmed up running, he is adamant that he froze the entire time!

The course was well supported with water, gatorade, and E-gel every ~1.25 miles.  This was fantastic!  I'd much rather take a few sips on a frequent basis than have to plan for miles between stations.  I also learned to stay away from E-gel in the future, lesson learned.

Thanks to the freezing temps early on, my lungs paid a price.  I slowed to a walk 3x briefly during the race because I couldn't settle my breathing.  All was good aside from that though, and I was able to maintain a steady pace on my own for the first 10.  It was then that the 2:10 pacer re-emerged, and I followed and chatted with them for a bit.  After a mile or so though, he told me I looked strong but that he was losing time, and urged me to run ahead.  I did.

I went in skeptical if I was even going to finish the race considering the hip pain I'd been having the previous week and, therefore, didn't have any goals at all.  It literally was not even a goal to finish; I was 100% okay with stopping if something started hurting.  With the full marathon 5 weeks away, I had nothing to prove.

My final chip time was 2:08:35, a 9:49 average pace!  That is a 7:56 minute PR from my first 1/2 marathon in October, and I couldn't have been more thrilled.  When I started behind the 2:10 pacer I only planned to hold on as long as I reasonably could; I really couldn't have imagined I'd end up finishing ahead.  I kept waiting to hit a wall that never came.  I kept double checking the Motoactv and asking "Am I really still running under a 10:00 pace?!"
Half-marathon #1 in October... not under a 10:00 pace despite it being downhill
I've tossed around some marathon goals in my head for May, but with this half behind me I think I'm ready for some serious goals to get down on paper!  I'm really excited about what Marathon #2 has in store for me now!
And the hip did cooperate the whole time... with a little help.  I will try to pull together an informative ITBS/bursitis post soon!
Anyone else surprise themselves this weekend?  For good or bad, what did you find yourself doing this weekend that you didn't think you would?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

PR, why not?

Half marathon #2 is in the books, with no hip pain and a PR to boot!
Pittsburgh Marathon here I come! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Straight from the jar day

The plan for this week:
- 20 mile run this past Saturday
- Take 3 rest days because I wouldn't have time for the gym
- Run 3 days

How this week really went
- Ran 20 miles Saturday
- 3 exhausting days off
- Run 4 miles one time
- Wake up with awful, horrible right superior IT Band pain :(
...who knows from here

I do think it's just a tight and irritated IT band because the pain temporarily subsides with some good stretching.  I am on the move all day at work though, and I can't just stop and stretch whenever I want to... as much as I'd like to.  I have no reason to push things now though, despite having just signed up for a half-marathon that is a little more than a week away.  The countdown to the Pittsburgh Marathon is getting shorter, and that's the main focus.

The worst part of this little training hiccup?  I need to run so badly this week.  It's been one of those weeks where the weekend just can't come fast enough. I'm annoyed and frustrated, and I want nothing more than to run it out and sweat it out.
Instead I ate peanut butter straight from the jar with Teddy Grahams and planted myself on the couch with some reruns of "Say Yes to the Dress" after work.  Eh, sometimes you make healthy choices and sometimes you don't.  Tomorrow is a new fresh day... and the start of a much needed weekend!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend of Awesome

Despite dreary weather, this weekend was full of all kinds of awesome

1. I logged my first 20 mile run of the year in cold and wet weather Saturday.  I finished an "easy" paced 20 miles in under 4 hours, which is making me feel pretty confident about my May full.  I could walk the last 6.2 and still beat last year's marathon time!  As an added boost, my legs aren't feeling too shabby today!
Post-run bagel and chai latte were heavenly.
2. I finally got around to watching the Bachelor finale; it's my guilty pleasure.  I was admittedly disappointed with his final choice though.  Now on to Bachelorette Des!

3. I made Reese's Cheesecakes.  Unfortunately, mine didn't set... at all... and you had to eat them with a spoon.  Still delicious.  Pinterest led me to this recipe for happiness at HERE
Picture from ohbiteit.com with link to the recipe above.  This was a winner even if mine didn't turn out!
4. My family had some holiday confusion, and we spent St Patrick's Day having our annual Easter egg hunt.  The day included endless amounts of pizza and desserts... and over 400 filled eggs.  That's just how my family rolls.

5. I finally chose a half-marathon to run as "practice" before the Pittsburgh full.  13 days to my second half!

What kind of awesome was your weekend filled with?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In like a Lion

Mother Nature must have known a 17-miler was in my plans for the weekend because the weather was beyond gorgeous.  After waking up to this on Wednesday...
If we are going to get 7 inches of snow in March, at least I got a 2 hour delay!
...we had a sun-filled 60-something degree Sunday afternoon.  After so much time spent in tights, gloves, and balaclavas lately, this run felt so free.  Just a running skirt, a tank, and a hat to keep the sun out.  Oh, and salt creases in my elbows- now that's a sign of a good run!
Clearly I also got sunburn and a few million extra freckles.  Who would have thought I'd need full on sunscreen in March... in Pittsburgh!  Lesson learned.
I also thought post-long run couldn't be better timing for my annual Shamrock Shake.  We eat at McDonald's never ever, I stop there for coffee occasionally, and we go there exactly once a year for a Shamrock Shake.  Really I could drink them everyday from February to March... which is why I keep it to just one!  It was heavenly.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweating it out

I am on day three of being too sick to run... so I might as well recap last week's long run!

I cut my 14-mile long run down to a 10-miler.  It was below freezing, and I was dressed well... I thought.  Then I reached a point where I couldn't keep myself warm anymore.  Please tell me I'm not the only runner that sweats through two base layers?!  I was comfortable for 9+ miles, but then I was just too sweat-laden to maintain my body temp.  Gross runner problems...

The good news is that my body felt great running, and I'm still constantly amazed by how my running fitness has improved in a year!  It was also a beautiful, peaceful afternoon on the lake.
Ice fishing anyone?
Even the deer were out enjoying it, just hanging out along the road.  They hadn't even moved when I passed by again 5 miles later.
All those spots on the hillside are deer... you'll have to trust me on that one.
I love running at this particular park because even during the winter, you pass an indoor bathroom every 5 miles.  Few things are more heavenly than indoor plumbing on a cold long run!
I'll even forgive them for the paper towel dispenser for being empty.
Another bonus of a cold-weather running is that my post-run chocolate milk stays nice and chilled just sitting in the car.
Drink boxes aren't just for the kiddos.
And if you were grossed out by the sweat... rest assured that I did clean up and shower before heading to a friend's housewarming party after!
There's no way to make iphone self-portraits look classy...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feel like a runner

It's pretty amazing what our bodies can do in a year.

In January 2012 I was crawling bouncing back from IT Band Syndrome.  I was signed up for my first marathon just 4 months later.  I was celebrating my first pain free mile, and then my first pain free 2 mile run.
I did go on to finish my first marathon, and I will never claim that any step of that process was easy.  The long runs hurt, and I admittedly walked at least as much as I ran during most of them.  I would still ache for days.  My training commitment was lousy at best, and I spent most of the time trying to catch my breath and shake out cramps.  I paid for it in the days following the marathon.  Compression and foam rolling fun...
Now, in January 2013, I am training for marathon #2.  With the Pittsburgh Marathon again less than 4 months away I have a whole host of things going for me that I didn't have a year ago.

I can run a whole lot more than 1-2 miles pain-free!  My shortest runs are a respectable 3 miles.  My longest run this month has been 11 miles.  It felt great, and I still felt great the next day!  I have committed myself to my training plan, and I literally see and feel it working.  Long gone are the days of constantly pausing the treadmill to catch my breath.  Gone are all the excuses to not run, because making excuses was easier than pushing myself to get better.

I finally feel like a runner!
Post training run... Marathon #2 here I come!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dressed to Run: Freezing and a wind advisory

With most of my running on the treadmill and some unseasonably warm weather this month, last Sunday was my first winter weather challenge of marathon training.

Run: 6 mile "long" run (first stepback week)
Forecast: 32 degrees (much colder with wind chill!), dry, high wind advisory

What I wore:
1. Champion long sleeve top over a Kirkland technical tank (both Costco)
2. Salomon tights (REI)
3. Columbia shell (Columbia outlet store): This is my usual "snow" jacket.  I wanted the wind protection, but I ditched the inner fleece.
4. C9 headband with ponytail hole (Target): This was the first I wore this and loved it; it didn't budge and was perfect protection.
5. Nike fleece running gloves (not pictured, Nike outlet store): Too warm but I couldn't find my lighter pair.
6. Mid-calf wool socks (Target): These were the perfect solution to keeping my toes and ankles toasty.
7. Wave Riders

Did it work? Sort of, and it was probably the best I could do.  Unfortunately, the wind was totally kicking my butt at times in the shade.  Then I would start sweating when the sun came out and wind calmed.  The  gloves were on, and off, and back on, and off again.  The jacket was zippered up, down, up, down ad nauseum.  I fluctuated between wishing I had a balaclava and wishing I had left my jacket at home.  Flexibility to adjust by the minute was key for this one!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why I needed an SUV

Oh, today's weather put even yesterday's to shame.  I headed out earlier in anticipation of afternoon rain that never came.  I got in 9 glorious miles (+1 walking back to the car) in the warm January sun and even got a little too warm.  I couldn't have dreamed of more perfect weather for my first long run of the year!

I also discovered one more reason why I needed an SUV: to lay out all my stuff and regroup after a run.
...and to give me somewhere to sit while I change shoes.
Fact: This is never a good angle for taking pictures of your legs.

Another Fact: I bought this North Face running skirt at REI for $11 a few weeks ago.  I'm in love with it: super light fabric, great fit, and a zipper pocket.

With my re-entry into outdoor running though, I've made an interesting observation.  I'll have more to say about it late, but for now...
When running/walking on the shoulder of the road, do you run with traffic or against traffic?  Assume no sidewalks, though it is an "extra wide" shoulder intended as a walking/running path.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Surreal weather

The weather was absolutely surreal here today.  It should be freezing on January 12th.  Instead, I headed out for my 5 mile run in 63 degree weather, wearing a running skirt and t-shirt... and there was sweat.
Post run glow sweat and redness... so amazing to be running like this in January!
The park was overflowing with people enjoying the unseasonably beautiful weather, and it's always nice to be surrounded by other runners.

It was an oddly beautiful sight as well, odd sights to see when the weather feels like late Spring.  The shaded areas were still covered in inches of snow.  The lake is still iced over in most areas, creating an amazingly cool looking fog/steam(?) rising off of the water.  It was easily my most enjoyable run in a long time.

It is forecast to rain for my long run tomorrow but still just as warm.  Then it will done to usual January weather by Monday.  Rain or not, I'll be taking in every last bit of this warm weather while it lasts!

And to throw the cherry on top of this awesome day, the hubs took down our Christmas lights while I was out running.  I think he's going for sainthood!

How's the weather there?  Outdoor time today or were you stuck inside with your nose at the window or finding a treadmill?