Saturday, January 12, 2013

Surreal weather

The weather was absolutely surreal here today.  It should be freezing on January 12th.  Instead, I headed out for my 5 mile run in 63 degree weather, wearing a running skirt and t-shirt... and there was sweat.
Post run glow sweat and redness... so amazing to be running like this in January!
The park was overflowing with people enjoying the unseasonably beautiful weather, and it's always nice to be surrounded by other runners.

It was an oddly beautiful sight as well, odd sights to see when the weather feels like late Spring.  The shaded areas were still covered in inches of snow.  The lake is still iced over in most areas, creating an amazingly cool looking fog/steam(?) rising off of the water.  It was easily my most enjoyable run in a long time.

It is forecast to rain for my long run tomorrow but still just as warm.  Then it will done to usual January weather by Monday.  Rain or not, I'll be taking in every last bit of this warm weather while it lasts!

And to throw the cherry on top of this awesome day, the hubs took down our Christmas lights while I was out running.  I think he's going for sainthood!

How's the weather there?  Outdoor time today or were you stuck inside with your nose at the window or finding a treadmill?

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