Saturday, January 5, 2013

Real athletes wear pink... spandex

My plan calls for a rest day on Fridays, and I really rocked that yesterday.  I changed my work schedule, and it was the first Friday I've had to work since last April.  I've been spoiled and I chose to make this change, but it was still an adjustment.  I was happy to veg on my couch all evening.  And yes it was a 2 day work week, but it felt like 10!

Today called for 5 miles.  Since it was cold out and getting late, I chose to hit the gym for my run.  I found a distracting movie on the tv and was cruising along for the first mile.  It was downhill from there.  I never settled into a comfortable breathing pattern and I was far too hot and sweaty for the effort.  Even with a run/walk (which I haven't had to do in so long!) I was recovering absurdly slow.

I stopped at 4 miles after playing through a list of pros and cons for 20 minutes.  I'm hoping it was just the lingering effects of being sick and resting so much recently, and not the settling in of something new.  I followed my run with an intense arm/shoulder strength session and left the gym not feeling totally defeated.

On the bright side (pun intended) I brought out my new hot pink capris and wore them with furry boots to run errands before hitting the gym.  If you are ever concerned that you don't look put together enough while running errands, just assure yourself that I go out in public looking 10x more ridiculous for the sake of warmth and comfort.

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