Friday, January 25, 2013

Dressed to Run: Freezing and a wind advisory

With most of my running on the treadmill and some unseasonably warm weather this month, last Sunday was my first winter weather challenge of marathon training.

Run: 6 mile "long" run (first stepback week)
Forecast: 32 degrees (much colder with wind chill!), dry, high wind advisory

What I wore:
1. Champion long sleeve top over a Kirkland technical tank (both Costco)
2. Salomon tights (REI)
3. Columbia shell (Columbia outlet store): This is my usual "snow" jacket.  I wanted the wind protection, but I ditched the inner fleece.
4. C9 headband with ponytail hole (Target): This was the first I wore this and loved it; it didn't budge and was perfect protection.
5. Nike fleece running gloves (not pictured, Nike outlet store): Too warm but I couldn't find my lighter pair.
6. Mid-calf wool socks (Target): These were the perfect solution to keeping my toes and ankles toasty.
7. Wave Riders

Did it work? Sort of, and it was probably the best I could do.  Unfortunately, the wind was totally kicking my butt at times in the shade.  Then I would start sweating when the sun came out and wind calmed.  The  gloves were on, and off, and back on, and off again.  The jacket was zippered up, down, up, down ad nauseum.  I fluctuated between wishing I had a balaclava and wishing I had left my jacket at home.  Flexibility to adjust by the minute was key for this one!


  1. A headband with a hole IN it?! That's wild (or maybe I'm just old). And no gloves? I feel like my hands get coldest when I'm running in cooler temperatures.

  2. The ponytail hole in the earwarmer/headband makes it stay put. Odd, but it works. And based on your tiny picture alone, I'd be surprised if you're "old" in comparison!