Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why I needed an SUV

Oh, today's weather put even yesterday's to shame.  I headed out earlier in anticipation of afternoon rain that never came.  I got in 9 glorious miles (+1 walking back to the car) in the warm January sun and even got a little too warm.  I couldn't have dreamed of more perfect weather for my first long run of the year!

I also discovered one more reason why I needed an SUV: to lay out all my stuff and regroup after a run.
...and to give me somewhere to sit while I change shoes.
Fact: This is never a good angle for taking pictures of your legs.

Another Fact: I bought this North Face running skirt at REI for $11 a few weeks ago.  I'm in love with it: super light fabric, great fit, and a zipper pocket.

With my re-entry into outdoor running though, I've made an interesting observation.  I'll have more to say about it late, but for now...
When running/walking on the shoulder of the road, do you run with traffic or against traffic?  Assume no sidewalks, though it is an "extra wide" shoulder intended as a walking/running path.

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