Friday, September 30, 2011

Will I regret this later?

It's official.  Not Facebook-official, but registered and paid-for official, which is still pretty darn serious.

As of today, it's 218 days and counting until I run my first marathon!

And now the planning begins!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

Yesterday's Workout: P90x Legs and Back.  It was the first time I had done Legs and Back, and I think I liked it.  I felt like I could reasonably keep up, but that it was still a challenge (I did the back moves with the resistance bands).  However, I don't feel it AT ALL in my legs or back today.  I'm not looking to be hobbling around, but I'm not in super shape right now; I was expecting to at least feel a little sore.  My glutes though, are seriously aching, gluteus medius like no other.  Not that I'm complaining that my buns got a workout, but I would choose the plyo option if I really wanted a leg workout; I just didn't feel it with this one.

Today's Workout: Walking from my car to the Nike outlet, back to my car to get the coupon's I forgot, back to the store to check out, and then back to my car.  (Scratch that.  It's not my car at all, obviously.  It's my very generous mother-in-law's car. see previous post.)

We had some awesome coupons from shopping there a few weeks ago when the hubs needed new shoes, so I scored a super-sweet deal today!

I got these pretty new shoes just begging to be run in.
Running gloves, a running wallet, and a $1.97 pair of dri-fit soccer socks (I still play weekly and have a knack for putting holes in my socks when I play)
And 2 pair of shorts for the hubs, just so no one can ever claim I'm selfish.
All for total of.... drumroll please.... $59 and some change!  I love, love, love me a good deal!

And the running wallet (which fits the iphone perfectly) really adds a special little something to a striped sweater.  Agreed?  With the serious fall weather moving in; hopefully I'll be able to give it a good test run this weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Tuesday Curse

At 9am I was just rolling out of bed and making my first cup of coffee.  I got an unexpected day off today, and I get to spend it all at home doing whatever I please (even if it ends up being laundry, school work, and a workout).  Unfortunately, I'd rather be at the clinic.

Um, should that be attached to my car instead of posing as a Halloween decoration in my yard?  And should one of my headlights really be sitting in my trunk?
I actually would have happily just settled for not getting a flat tire yesterday; I don't have high expectations.  Yup, I was a little wrapped up in life to mention it last week, but I had another flat tire, this time in the hub's new car.  That was 2 Tuesdays in a row.  Now it's 3 Tuesdays in a row with car problems, and this is a little more than a flat tire.

Perhaps I should consider getting to clinic any other way except via car next Tuesday.

This would also probably be a good time to mention that I have an incredible (and incredibly patient!) husband who clearly loves me very, very much.  Even if he did ask what was for dinner 5 seconds after I dragged my bumper into the yard.

Any sympathetic first collision stories to make me feel a little less lame about my recent car luck?

PS.  I really am a good driver!  I've never had so much as a flat tire or even a fender bender until 2 weeks ago!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cookies fix everything, Part 2

Do you ever sit down at the end of the day and just decide... I really deserve to indulge in something after that!

I'm sitting on my couch right now doing exactly that.  Problem is, what do I treat myself with... Samoa cookies?  A banana smoothie?  Going to bed early?  Not washing the dishes?  Drive to Wendy's immediately to buy a Caramel Apple Frosty Sundae thingamajig that they keep running commercials for?  Send the hubs to Wendy's for me?

I may just go for all of the above.  How do you "treat" yourself after a rough day?

Ok, so my day was actually just fine.  My day at clinic was nothing out of the ordinary, and I only left a half hour late, not bad.  It was the drive home that just didn't agree with me. 

About 40 minutes into my 50 minute drive home, I saw the guy sitting next me in traffic pointing wildly at the side of my car.   He was saying something too, but my super-duper low-tech lovebug can't manage getting the passenger side window down without me manually winding it.  I contemplated denial and continuing to drive home, but visions of blowing a tire in the middle of the Fort Pitt Tunnel made me rethink and I pulled over.

I spent a minute staring at the front of my car and front tire wondering what was wrong.... before my eyes drifted to my flat rear passenger tire.  Bummer.  Wonder what the way to look on the bright side is though?  I totally get my money's worth out of my AAA membership every year!

Unfortunately, I spent well over an hour after that sitting in my car on the side of the highway.  I should really just be thankful that it wasn't storming/sweltering/freezing/dark/my birthday.  It would totally stink to get a flat tire on your birthday.

That's all.  I guess it always seems worse when you're in the situation.  Seems like no big deal at all afterwards, hah.

Now, I think it's time for cookies.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Red

Earlier this week, I asked one of my patients what she had done that was fun over the weekend.  Her only response was that she "pooped in the potty".  And let me tell you, she was really psyched about just how fun that was.

And if that didn't make you crack at least a little smile, then your helpless.

August 28, 2011 recently earned it's spot as a noteworthy day in my life's timeline.  It shall be known as the day I was a red head.  Yup, that's right, just one day.

While taking my every-other-day Target trip a few months ago, I picked up a box of dark auburn something or other hair dye.  I figured a little reddish tint would be a fun change for my brunette mop.  Knowing I was moving into new territory though, I decided to finally jump in on a Sunday morning... giving myself plenty of time to "fix" things if they went astray.

And astray they did go.  With my fire engine red hair still glowing, I did spend the day hanging out with my fam.  They spent plenty of time debating whether my new color should fall under the category of "punk rocker", "Poison Ivy via Batman" or "general super hero".  With the hubs being a photographer though, you can bet we made sure to document my 8 hours of being a red head in artsy detail.
To be honest, the color was kind of fun, and had I not been in the middle of this internship... I might have kept it for awhile.  But I am, so I didn't. 

Besides, I wouldn't want to have embarrassed my sisters and the hubs while hanging out with them.  They told me fluorescent hair OR my flying carpet, but not both.