Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grow up and act like a little girl

After running a few errands after work yesterday, I had a hard time deciding whether to hit the gym or skip it.  I convinced myself I needed to go, knowing I wouldn't regret it.  Two wonderful things happened when I got there.

1. It was an arm day, and the weight room was a ghost town.  I prefer free weights for arm work, but the weight room at the Y can get crowded.  I don't care so much who is there, but I admittedly hate sharing benches.  I like to have my own little slice of space, and I had space galore to work on my guns ;)
Thank you iphone for the high quality image

2. As I was walking into the Y, there was a young girl walking in with her mother.  This story is even sweeter if you know that she was about 5 years-old and wearing nothing but a swimsuit and flip-flops (crazy hot weather this week!).  As I walked past her she looked straight up at me and said with the most sincerity a child can muster "You're pretty!"  I stopped, squatted down, and told her thank you and that she was very pretty as well.

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us how easy it is to make another person smile.  Old, young, friend or stranger, it takes only seconds to share a compliment.  Perhaps we all need to start acting like 5 year-old little girls a little more often...

When was the last time a stranger surprised you with a compliment?  

Did you "pass on" the kindness to someone else?

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