Saturday, May 11, 2013


The hubs will be off to Vegas for a few days this week, and we'll be waking up in my dream vacation destination in less than a month!  That can only mean one thing... I was able to drag the hubs to the mall today.  This rarity usually happens about once a year, just before we go on vacation.  Sunglasses, boat shoes, and linen have me ready to start packing.

The last big thing to check off my list is a go-everywhere bag for 18 days of traveling and touristing (this is a word now).

I found this one at Macy's, and feel in instant love lust.
Fossil Explorer Tote (
Dear beautiful luscious bag, why must you cost $238?

I can spend $120 on running shoes that will last me a few months without blinking an eye, but even $100+ for a handbag that will last (pretty much) forever makes me want to...vomit.

I think a trip to the outlets may need to be in my plans soon.

What do you easily splurge your money on?
Running shoes and jeans for me

Where do pinch your pennies versus splurging for the "good stuff"?
Handbags and anything I wear to work

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