Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend of Awesome

Despite dreary weather, this weekend was full of all kinds of awesome

1. I logged my first 20 mile run of the year in cold and wet weather Saturday.  I finished an "easy" paced 20 miles in under 4 hours, which is making me feel pretty confident about my May full.  I could walk the last 6.2 and still beat last year's marathon time!  As an added boost, my legs aren't feeling too shabby today!
Post-run bagel and chai latte were heavenly.
2. I finally got around to watching the Bachelor finale; it's my guilty pleasure.  I was admittedly disappointed with his final choice though.  Now on to Bachelorette Des!

3. I made Reese's Cheesecakes.  Unfortunately, mine didn't set... at all... and you had to eat them with a spoon.  Still delicious.  Pinterest led me to this recipe for happiness at HERE
Picture from with link to the recipe above.  This was a winner even if mine didn't turn out!
4. My family had some holiday confusion, and we spent St Patrick's Day having our annual Easter egg hunt.  The day included endless amounts of pizza and desserts... and over 400 filled eggs.  That's just how my family rolls.

5. I finally chose a half-marathon to run as "practice" before the Pittsburgh full.  13 days to my second half!

What kind of awesome was your weekend filled with?

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