Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In like a Lion

Mother Nature must have known a 17-miler was in my plans for the weekend because the weather was beyond gorgeous.  After waking up to this on Wednesday...
If we are going to get 7 inches of snow in March, at least I got a 2 hour delay!
...we had a sun-filled 60-something degree Sunday afternoon.  After so much time spent in tights, gloves, and balaclavas lately, this run felt so free.  Just a running skirt, a tank, and a hat to keep the sun out.  Oh, and salt creases in my elbows- now that's a sign of a good run!
Clearly I also got sunburn and a few million extra freckles.  Who would have thought I'd need full on sunscreen in March... in Pittsburgh!  Lesson learned.
I also thought post-long run couldn't be better timing for my annual Shamrock Shake.  We eat at McDonald's never ever, I stop there for coffee occasionally, and we go there exactly once a year for a Shamrock Shake.  Really I could drink them everyday from February to March... which is why I keep it to just one!  It was heavenly.

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  1. It's hard to stay away when they are EVERYwhere! Plus they are mint flavored and that's a vice of mine.