Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warm weather shenanigans

Does anyone else find their social calendar kind of dull in the first cold, dreary months of the year?

Then you find yourself up to your ears in fun once the sunshine shows its face again?
Then you realize that fun didn't include much of the running that your marathon training plan called for?  Oops.

Spring has finally arrived in Western PA, and we've been enjoying it every last bit.  Ok, so the truth is that it was actually freezing for the Pirates game we had to tickets to Wednesday night.  After layering myself up in my most fashionable spandex and wool, we ended up watching the Pirates and Penguins games side-by-side from the warm comfort of the casino restaurant.  It did get warm after that though!
You can never wear too many socks when its cold outside!
Friday we grabbed dinner and drinks with friends before heading to an off-Broadway show at the Benedum.  Chocolate Covered Pretzel Martinis were involved, what?!
I would love this even without alcohol... because then I could drink 10 of them!
At the Benedum, photo stolen from the man in the tophat
Sunday we trekked up to the area where the hubs grew up for all-you-can-eat pancakes at a maple syrup festival.  We did this every year while dating, but hadn't been back since we got married.  Excuse me for scarfing them down without a picture, we may have lucked our way into the vendor tent instead of standing in the hour-plus line... and we were just trying to lay low.

After a quick stop for some pink protective gear, I also had my first shooting experience.  I've said that shooting a gun was something I could have easily gone my whole life without ever trying, but I gave it a shot (shot... get it).  I'm always up for trying new things though, and surprisingly enjoyed myself!
I could actually hit something... purposefully!
See my hands?  That is not what your hands should be doing, not at all.
Ok, back to reality.  I don't work tomorrow, so 12 mile long run it is.  Less than a month until the Pittsburgh Marathon!

What warm weather fun have you been up to now that Spring is officially here?

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