Monday, January 2, 2012

Productivity sort of

You are clearly having a productive day when you've already napped and gotten up a second time before noon.

Other accomplishments of today include...

1. Vacation window shopping.  As I wrap up my first 4 day weekend in a long time, it's only now clearer that I really need a vacation.  Leaving Pittsburgh winter for the Caribbean?  I think I could handle a little slice of that!  The "Dream" may be getting a second visit from us.

2. Job window shopping.  I kept telling myself I would start looking for openings as soon as the new year rolled around.  I still can't take my board exam for 6 more months so the pressure isn't on yet, but I'm looking.  At least I'm now aware of what pediatric clinics exist in my area.

3. Running shoes window shopping.  Hopefully I'll be back to running soon, post ITBS and PFPS issues.  It's also nearing in close to the start of marathon training in preparation for May.  Still not thrilled with the local running store options in my area (and I'm willing to drive!) but a fitting and new kicks are a necessity in the upcoming weeks.

4.  Attempting to figure out where the still missing Christmas present is that I ordered for the hubs... UPS fail.  Tracking shows it hasn't moved since before Dec 16. Awesome.

5. Renewing my Passport, in preparation for #1.  I also just discovered that this thing called a Passport Card exists... and it's only $30 if you already have a Passport.  I would really prefer this instead of carrying my Passport or only my drivers license in cruise ports.  How did I miss this when they came out a few years ago?

6.  I also cleaned my office, paid my tuition, paid other bills, etc etc, but most importantly of all...  I spent most of my day on my couch, under a blanket, and with a cup of cocoa in hand.  Precisely how today was intended to be spent. 

Question of the Day: When was your last opportunity for a lazy day?  Did you take advantage of it... on your couch?

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