Thursday, December 29, 2011

Party into the New Year

Hey 4 day weekend.  I haven't seen you since June, and I've missed you dearly in the last 6+ months.  I  may have been a little giddy when my PTO was approved for tomorrow, and now I'm giddy with excitement for the usual New Year's weekend full of junk food and sweatpants.  The nice sweatpants, not the pair with the holes in them- we do try to keep it a little classy.

Backtracking though... my photographer husband and his wife, with an entourage of photography equipment, managed to take approximately zero photos over Christmas weekend.  To prove we weren't just grinches at home all of Christmas weekend...
Helping the nephew with his gifts.  Happy 1st Christmas!
Obviously no gift is better than a cardboard box and empty water bottle- score!
Will be preoccupied with lazying it up for the next few days... so I'll wish you all a happy healthy new year now!

Question of the Day: Any NYE plans?  Low key or partying it up?

Also, please tell me I'm not the only person who's gotten NSync's "Kiss Me at Midnight" stuck in their head at least once this week.  Just me?

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