Sunday, December 18, 2011

Truffle Fest 2011

It's been a festive weekend.  After feeling like I was dying (and calling off sick for the first time in a LONG time) on Thursday, I was finally feeling somewhat human again by Friday afternoon and decided I should take advantage.  So off I went to do some Christmas shopping.  Costco, Target, and last week's online shopping bonanza knocked off 95% of my list almost painlessly!
Wrapping presents is pretty much my favorite thing about Christmas
Saturday morning brought lots of yummy holiday calories.  Instead of baking the usual 1000ish cookies, I opted to stick with just one recipe this year.  Special indulgence of Christmas 2011: Oreo Truffles.  They were another Pinterest find, and an awesome one at that.  The technique took me a little practice but they are super-dumbproof simple with only 3 ingredients (plus all the toppings your little hungry heart desires).
 I totaled exactly 90 truffles yesterday, 90ish last weekend, and I need to squeeze out about 100 more sometime this week!  Thankfully they're so rich that I don't end up eating them myself, ok, not more than 1 at a time at least!
Yesterday's Truffle Fest was followed by a Christmas party at a friend/coworkers house last night and an ornament and gingerbread house making party with my family today.  The disastrous results of that to come later.

In non-food related news.  I have my 6 week follow up with the ortho tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this nasty cold has kept me from attempting any real workouts for the last week.  No pain with everyday activity though and no pain with strength training either... and suffice to say that my "everyday activity" as a pediatric PT (intern) is pretty physical.  I swear I spend half my work day squatting and crawling on the floor.  So if I can handle that in one piece, I think I'm ready to start my marathon training in a few weeks!

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