Wednesday, December 14, 2011

137 and counting

This is a picture of exactly where this post is coming to you from this evening.  Just add in a heated blanket, cocoa, Kleenex, and Nyquil.
PS- We do have real furniture now instead of Rubbermaid totes; we do go classy on occasion.
 I'm on a 2-day streak of being in bed at 7pm which will unfortunately come to an end when I actually work until 7pm tomorrow. 

Despite this nasty head cold, this week has brought a wave of positivity.  Now that I'm all nestled into bed, without any pressing matters that need tended to, I feel like I can finally relax and see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been grad school.  Up until last week, the end still felt so very far away.  A nearing but still out of sight goal, despite being less than 5 months away.

I tied up some loose ends last week though.  I set a date to meet with my Clinical Instructor to review my 3rd quarter evaluation in January.  This past Saturday morning, my project group presented our data from the first 1/2 of our intern year (and it went fabulously!).  Saturday also brought a class meeting to discuss graduation details, licensure exam prep, and the process for applying for state licensing.  I am registered for my last semester, and it's the 2nd year class that is left waiting for their internship placement news.

My insides did a little happy dance.  Ok, so maybe my outsides did a little happy dance too.  I feel like the end is finally within reach.  Too soon to start a countdown to graduation?

I think not.  137 days until Dr. Zesty Nerd, PT, DPT

PS- I will likely never actually use the Dr title, but reserve the right to use when referring to the hubs and I as "Dr and Mr" because I know he'll love it.  Could that be why he's suddenly talking about a PhD?

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