Monday, December 5, 2011

Minty Mocha Sunshine

Three very important things happened today, as well as many unimportant things.  You can choose which category the next three fall:

1. I started out the morning with Mint Chocolate soy milk in my coffee.  Yum.

2. I walked out the door in shorts this morning, and didn't even get chilled.  Shorts in December; I may have closed my eyes and pretended I was somewhere else for a few minutes.  Mother Nature better get it in gear and give me my white Christmas though!

3. I followed up my morning PT appointment with an iced peppermint mocha.  Emphasis on the mocha; it was like straight liquid chocolate spiked with coffee and a touch of mint.  Not such a bad way to start a Monday.
PS- I wish Blogger let me rotate images.
PPS- I may have spoken too soon on Saturday.  My IT Band wasn't agreeing with me by Sunday evening, and even less so today.  My PT had to remind me that even though I feel fine most of the time... it will be a long road before I am back to everything I want to be able to do.  For now though, 20 minutes at level 3 on the elliptical is apparently out of my league.  I did start Bosu squats today though and didn't even fall; no shame that I needed ModA to stay up at times either!

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