Sunday, December 4, 2011

To the chapel

It has been the best kind of weekend.  Friends, family, productivity, accomplishment, and lots of extra sleep!  I did drag myself out of bed at the early hour of 10 this morning though so I could meet up with my mom and sissers at David's Bridal.

Have I mentioned that the older of the younger sissers is engaged?  The hubs, the stellar photographer that he is, took some super cute engagement pics of them a few weeks ago.  All photo credit to Hodnick Photography @  I on the the other hand can only take credit for carrying equipment and barking orders ;)

And on that note, we went to try on bridesmaids dresses today.  With only myself and my 12 year old sister to dress- it was a pretty quick and easy process.  Plus, that lovely sales lady kept telling both of us how beautiful and skinny we were and how we looked great in everything; she does her job well, hah.

We tried this one first, which was incredibly flattering and just fantastic on, but it was voted a little lightweight for an October wedding.  I tried it in black and would wear it in a heartbeat for some sort of formal occasion, if I were the formal-occasion-going type.
The 2nd dress was voted out as fast as we put it on.
The 3rd try was a winner: satin, classy, elegant, flattering.  Dare I say we even rock it better than the website model?  We won't be in black by the way...
And now that the second most important aspect is taken care of.  Time to focus on priority numero uno... bachelorette party!  Less than 11 months to go- I better get on it!

Question of the Day:  How many times have you walked down aisle at a wedding?  Too many or few enough that you still get excited about the details?

Me, once as a flowergirl, once as  "jr" bridesmaid, twice (going on 3 times) as a bridesmaid.... and once as a bride ;)

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