Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Doesn't share well with others

Welcome to Monday morning... the "Christmas Aftermath".  I kind of love it.
I joked that if 2 adults can do that on Christmas, well, watch out once there are kiddos around!  Don't get too excited, we don't foresee that being any Christmas soon.  We're totally not good enough at sharing our toys yet.

Speaking of toys, Santa Hubs left an awesome new little toy under the tree for me.  A few months ago, not long after signing up for my first marathon, I dropped the hint to the hubs that I was lusting after a GPS watch.  I trust his consumer research way more than my own, and I knew he'd pull through with something fantastic.

This time he certainly didn't disappoint and I've been playing with this pretty little thing since Sunday morning. 
My Motoactv and I are already really good friends... and we'll be besties as soon as I can start running again.

Monday: 2 x10' elliptical, situps on ball x20, Single limb bridge on ball 3 x20" R/L, SLing hip ABD 2 x15 R/L, ADD w/ ball 3 x10 w/ 3" hold, Pigeon pose, supine ITB stretch, standing ITB
Tuesday (@PT): 4" SLR w/ VMO stim 5', SAQ 5# w/ biofeedback 5', adductor 3 x10, single limb leg press 3 x10 plus 3 x10 w/ dynadisc, TKE 3 x10, Bosu squats 3 x10, L LE extension 3 x10 isometric, manual stretching (my favorite part!)

Question of the Day: Favorite new Christmas toy?

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