Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Love, but I'm Alive.

Hi readers.  That is, if my 2.5 followers haven't abandoned me in my recent absence.  I'm still alive, but I've been consumed by the venomous monster also known as the post-spring-break grad-school version of senioritis... minus some motivation, plus some aggravation.

I'm not here typing because it's over.  I'm here typing because I've put in a solid 9 hours straight of school work today, and my eyes will only open far enough and my brain will only function clearly enough for me to be typing things that won't affect my grades.  And my chauffeur hubs is still in a meeting at work, and I can't go home until he drives me there!  So I sit and ruminate about my feelings as of late.

School. Love.
School work. Don't Love.

No more classes for my degree after next week. Love.
Almost 2 more weeks of final exams and projects before I get there. Don't Love.

Starting my full-time internship in less than 3 weeks. Love.
The 45+ minute drive I'll be facing twice a day. Don't Love.

How supportive the hubs has been in my stressed state lately. Love.
The way my stress has put a permanent knot in my neck. Don't Love.

The warm summer weather that snuck in this past weekend. Love.
The fact that I didn't get to enjoy it because I couldn't find a position where it didn't cause a blinding glare on my laptop, and I didn't have the time to not be doing school work. Don't Love.

Someone stole my lunch out of the freezer at school.  Yes, this really did happen today.  Don't Love.
Going to Qdoba and finding out I had enough points for a free lunch. Love.
Managing to dig enough change out of my bag to pay for my guac because having to put 42 cents on my Amex would have set a new standard for most embarassing moments. Love.

A self-serve froyo opened less than a block from my building on campus. Love.
It opened less than a month before I finished classes here and won't be around anymore.  Don't Love.  Scratch that. Love.  I probably would have gained 100 pounds in toppings alone if it existed when I started here!

The fact that if you want to start calling me Dr. Zesty Nerd, PT, DPT in one year and 17 days... I won't stop you.  love love love love love love, times a trillion to the zillionth power.  (that's a lot of zeroes, just trust me, it's a lot)

See, mroe things to love than not- always looking at the bright side.
See you all again after April 22!

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