Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Math

I had to go to school for 5 hours today.

Parking in the garage would cost me $9.

Parking at a parking meter would only cost me $2.50 (a savings of $6.50!).

Being the money-savvy parker that I am, I obviously chose meter parking and was lucky enough to land the spot directly in front of the doors to my building.  Perfect spot for a cold morning!

After spending an hour in class, a friend and I headed for the elevators to go do some shopping.  On the way down I remembered I needed to drop a few more quarters in the meter before heading out... and then quickly forgot.

I got back 30 minutes later to find an "expired meter" ticket on my car for $30.

Sure am glad I chose to park at the meter for a grand total of $32.50 just to save myself the extra $6.50 that the garage would have cost me.

That's what we call Bad Math!

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