Monday, March 7, 2011

Woman Vs. Ice

My choices in clothing have been pretty reflective of the weather lately: dark, gray, dreary.

This same weather is also to blame for me having to attack my car with an ice scraper this morning.  I planned a few extra minutes before work to brush the snow off.  What I wasn't prepared for?  Finding my doors all frozen shut. At least it was a believable story when I ended up being 5 minutes late!  What I don't want to know though?  What my neighbors were thinking when they saw me attacking my car while my coffee and oatmeal were sitting in the middle of the street...

At least I was comfycute in gray and black though!
Boots: Target
Leggings: VS
Dress: Target
Cardi: Target
Belt: Ribbon taken off another shirt
Necklace: shell necklace from Cookie Lee
(Note to self: Start taking pics before I go and work a full day!)

Did I mention that I visit Target at least twice a week?

As you can tell, I'm also desperately in need of a trim.  It's been roughly 7 weeks or so since I chopped all of my hair off, and it's in need of some serious maintenance.  I haven't made an appointment yet because I can't decide what I want to do with it!  Should I get the same cut?  Go shorter?  Just get the layers fixed but leave the length?  Whatever I do should probably happen before this weekend; we have a wedding to go to!

Workout: Not yet, plan on getting it in while I watch Bachelor!!

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