Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look at those

I wonder if anyone noticed that my legs were ten shades tanner than the rest of my body today?  I suppose that's my fault for attempting to get ready in the pool locker room
Dress: LOFT
Patent Nude Heels: Target (bought for the wedding last week and love them!)
Blingity Bling necklace and bracelets: Cookie Lee

After playing with the kiddos and freezing my buns off in the pool with them for a few hours this morning, it was time to head to Mt Washington.  One of my many cousins is getting married in May, and she had her shower today.  It was at a fancypants restaurant so I deemed it appropriate to at least wash off the chlorine smell and brush my hair.

My favorite little sisters apparently chose to do the same.
They must have thought I smelled ok because they got real close for a pic!
And then we threw in two more generations for good measure.
Strong genes, we have them here.  Does anyone else have strangers approach them at the grocery store that ask "Are you a (insert last name here)?"  More times than I can count.  What, just my family?

I may be biased but I also think the bride to be liked my present best.  See, she's excited just looking at the bag!

After the week I had though, I was changed into this outfit within a half-second of walking in the door today.
(I did say this Challenge would include the good, bad, and ugly!)
Black tee: Victoria's Secret
Leopard Pajama shorts: Target, in that heavenly material that I don't know the name of...

It took me another half-second to get to the couch and convince the hubs to watch a movie with me.  Couldn't think of any better way to spend the only downtime I've had in a long time!

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