Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky?

Happy Shamrock Day!  A huge thanks for all the support and advice I got here and everywhere else on Tuesday.  Yesterday was a productive day.  I spent well over 3 hours in the computer lab with my internship group, but we got so much done.  I also figured out the little schedule conflict I had going on Friday between work and school which was stressing me out.  I went to bed Wednesday night a much more relaxed woman!

And even though if I didn't get my Shamrock Shake today, it was a good day.  Were you wearing your green and being Irish for the day today?  I think I was even showing off a paler than normal skin tone today to show off my Irish heritage!
Pumas: Macy's shoe sale for 75% off this week!
Yoga Capris: Costco, softest pants ever
Green tank: JCPenney
Green Hoodie: Calvin Klein from Kaufmanns... obviously a long time ago before Macy's took them over, hah
Necklace: Cookie Lee abundant virtues necklace
Earrings: Cookie Lee shamrock earrings!
Send a girl with some Irish blood to an Irish university where her collegiate soccer team is the Celtics and their emblem is a Shamrock.... and you can bet I've got lots of green and shamrocks in my closet!  I may have even bought Care Bear bedsheets for my dorm room in college because I was mildly obsessed with Lucky.  Not saying I did, just saying I may have...

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