Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Day Challenge

Ok, so maybe I was a little relieved for the 28 posts in 28 days challenge to come to an end yesterday.  It started to feel like I really had to force myself to post some days, and that just takes the enjoyment out of things, which is the whole reason for being here.  I could have given up, but anyone that knows me knows that it's not an option for me.  I don't quit. 
Instead, I just finish it out and then choose my next challenge wisely.  And that's how the 31 Outfits in 31 Days Challenge was born.  The best part?  I make the rules!  I love the games that involve me making the rules.

Before I get to the rules though, here's the "why":
1. I will be forced to use my camera on a daily basis, rather than just carry it around in my purse like an accessory I never use.
2. Amongst a million other attributes, I do like to play around with fashion.
3. I love a good deal, more than the next person.
4. It will give me something fun (and hopefully interesting) to post on a regular basis, when I'm at a loss for interesting words.
5. I was a wee bit inspired by the postings of the lovely ladies at these two blogs, bessbefit and Big City! Baby.

Now the rules:
1. By March 31, I will post pictures of at least 31 different outfits that I've worn..
2. I don't have to post one everyday, but I can post more than one in a day... since there are days where I change my clothes approximately 10 times.
3. I will share where I got the pieces to each outfit, and if it was a really awesome deal (love those), share that too!
4. I can repeat clothes as much as I want, and no one is allowed to laugh at me if my outfits on "off" days consist of the thermal shirts and plaid pajama pants that I had on the day before (play nice!).
5. Rule 5 is that there aren't allowed to be any more rules!

I am still holed up in the computer lab on campus eating the crumbs from the bottom of the Turtle Chex Mix bag because I'm starving for dinner, and that sounded like a good solution to hold me over until the hubs decides he's ready to call it a day, pick me up, take me home, and cook me a gourmet meal..... so outfit numero uno will be around sometime later tonight when I have camera in hand!

Want to take the challenge?  Let me know so I can follow along!

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