Monday, February 28, 2011

Case of the Monday

The week started off with a bang, literally.  It was thundering so loudly this morning that our entire house was shaking!  It had actually been storming all night, and I was happy as a clam that it decided to stop just before I had to walk out the door.  Still the perfect day for boots and my trenchcoat!

This Monday also marks the last day of 28 Posts in 28 Days Challenge.  I ended up with 27 out of 28, and I am pretty happy with that!  I don't know if I'll continue posting every day because honestly, I was really just posting out of obligation some days.

Now I am having the (almost) perfect Monday night following a rainy day and a long, slow afternoon at work.

Couch, cuddly blankets, and my adorable Pink mini
 The Bachelor!
Penzey's hint of mint hot chocolate.
Ok, ok, so maybe it looked more like this.
I'm also working on making 60+ "Hello My Name is..." tags, but I'm pretty sure the night balances out in the positive!

Workout: I promise to keep at this, even when it's a failure.  Today, failure.  5 hours on my feet at work is the closest I got!

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