Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black and Yellow...

Today's To-Do list:

1. Bake peanut butter cookies (50% brown sugar, yum)
2. Make chocolate mousse with chocolate chips
3. Squeeze in a workout so I can partake in #1 and #2
4. Cover myself in black and gold from head to toe
5. Paint the nails black and gold
6. Make well-intentioned glares at my piles of study notes, but do no actual studying
7. Indulge excessively while cheering my boys on to a 7th Super Bowl win!
8. Drive home safely in the melee that will surely ensue.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Yinz Guys!
(I only speak Pittsburghese on Super Bowl Sunday)

6 is nice, but 7 is better!

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