Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot Date

I have a hot Valentine's Day date today.  It's going to last all day and night, and the hubs isn't invited.  It's already making my blood pressure rise, and I might even break a sweat.  The whole date is occurring cuddled up on my couch under layers of blankets.

So whom is the hot date with?  Or more specifically, what?  It's me and my Pharmacology notes, all day and night.  We're getting super up close and personal all day long.

It's Valentine's Day after all, and nothing makes my romantic little heart go pitter-patter like reading about antihypertensive medications.
On a side note: I think there should be a limit on how many arrows you are allowed to draw on one piece of paper.  More than 20 is just excessive, right?

Hope everyone is having a Valentine's Day slightly more enjoyable than mine.  (My real romantic date will be Friday night after this week is all over!)  Don't forget to tell all the special people in your lives just how much you love them today... and every day.

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