Thursday, February 10, 2011

I feel like I just met Justin Beiber

I decided on, purchased, and then gifted the hubs's Valentine's Day gift in the matter of about an hour last night.

I was at work, chatting with a customer when she said there was a long line downstairs, a bunch of people waiting to see some guy name Letestusomethingorother.  She had no idea who he actually was, but she thought he was pretty good looking.

I did know who he was, and I think she was right on the last part.  He can totally come be my second husband.  I'm sure his wife would understand, and it looks like he might even have all of his teeth!
It was Mark Letestu from the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he was there for an autographing signing.  I decided to go take a peek when I got off work at 8.  The line at that time was roughly one person long, so I decided to check things out. (Yes this post is still about the hubs's Vday present; I'm getting there).

You had to pay to have him sign anything, but I assumed the money was going to charity so I didn't really mind.  After some googling it seems the money may actually just go to the store at the mall that was sponsoring it... which is disappointing.  I may not have partaken if I knew that were the case.  But I went and bought a hat and a tshirt and paid for my two signatures.

I left with my hubs's Valentine's gift in the form of a signed hat, and a birthday gift to stash away for 5 months for my little brother in the form of a signed tshirt.  My 14 year old brother likes to be difficult and pretend he's a Washington fan instead, but he'll wise up some day.

I got a picture of him signing the shirt so I could throw it in with my brother's gift.
I tried to get a pic of him signing the hat as well, but I was a little late.  Instead I got a picture of his hands and him staring at me and probably wondering why this creeper was taking pictures of his hands.  So I told him thanks and good luck and ran for the hills headed home.
I was excited like a 13 year old girl that just met Justin Bieber, and I couldn't not tell the hubs about it last night.  So I spilled the beans and gave him his gift early.

He really liked it and said it was cool... at first.  And then he asked what he was supposed to do with it.  Awesome, and happy early Valentine's Day.

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