Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Caffeinated Favorites

My day started out by getting out the door late, making me late for class 3 out of 3 mornings this week.  Oops.  The kicker though, what happened as I was trying to rush out of my car and over to class.

I got out of the car and reached into the backseat to grab the rest of my things.  While I was doing that, my travel mug full of coffee fell off my roof and onto my head.  Yup, cracked me right on the head, and it hurt, a lot.  And at that moment I realized that it has to be some terrible omen to have your morning coffee fall ON-YOUR-HEAD!

I only lost a few drops of coffee though, and I was wearing my pretty new boots (yes, I decided to keep them), so I was determined to have a good morning anyways.  And I did.

It certainly didn't hurt that it is Friday afterall.  Which means it's time for Friday Favorites!

1. My Keurig.  Despite the fact that I dropped it on my head, my Keurig did brew me a kick-butt cup of Butter Toffee Coffee this morning!  Just what I needed in a 7:30am class.  This definitely ranks up there amongst the very best Christmas presents- ever.  Clearly someone knows I can't let a day go by without caffeine in my veins!
2. My boots.  They are my new favorites.  They got me through 6 hours at school, another 4 at work, and little shopping time too.  They're my new love.  One of the girls told me this morning that the wider shaft makes my legs look skinnier.  I'm sold; maybe I'll wear them with my bikini this summer.

3. Steelers.  My favorite sports team.  Not just a Friday Favorite, but my everyday favorite.  Did you hearing they're playing a game on Sunday?  A little thing we like to call the Super Bowl.  You should consider tuning in.

4. The hubs.  He's my favorite hubs that I've got.  He brought me in dinner when he knew I didn't want to get up off the couch, brought me meds when I complained about a headache coming on, and he's just pretty much the bee's knees on a daily basis.  Bonus, he also happened to have bought me #1 and #2 on my list, and tickets to go see #3.  Yup, bonus points for the hubs; I think I'll keep him!  I kind of promised him that anyways, when I grabbed his tush and said 'I do'.

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