Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kale Me

First things first, inquiring minds wanted to know what exactly was the green stuff in my smoothie.  Kate gets a prize (if I actually had a prize) because it is kale.  Kale can fall under the category of "super food", but I'm always short on ideas with what to actually do with it.  It looks a little funny in a smoothie, but my initial skepticism was squashed after I tried it for the first time.  It also has all sorts of wonderful reasons to be in my smoothie:

1. It has about a billion and one nutritious pluses to it.
2. It's an easy way to squeeze in some extra veggies.
3. It makes your smoothies an ugly green color which results in your hubs not touching it, leaving more for you.
4. It's yummy, simple enough.
5. The kale gives smoothies a texture similar to the way mint gives texture to a frozen mojito (my favorite reason!)

I throw mine in raw so it gives texture, but I suppose you could steam it first and it may blend smoother.  I kind of like it chunky though.

As for the other ingredients: plain fat free yogurt, V8 Splash juice, strawberry/mango/papaya frozen fruit blend, a fresh banana, a little honey, and if I'm shy on protein for the day I'll throw in a little scoop of vanilla protein powder.  Yum.

If anyone has other suggestions of what to do with Kale, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Kale Chips! I only tried making them once and I kinda burnt them but I will be trying to make them again! Kale was one of the veggies that we apparently get a lot of with our farm share so I can't wait to experiment in the summer.