Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nerd Alert

Twisted Nerd Alerted: I watch sports for the injuries.  I also promise this post won't be entirely about Pittsburgh sports or injuries, or entirely about anything at all.

Pens Evgeni Malkin went down last night, and it was all over the news today that he tore his ACL and MCL and will, of course, be off the ice for awhile.
I actually haven't seen the clip yet because not having cable makes it difficult to watch... anything, hockey included.  I'm sure I'll be youtubing and replaying it here shortly though, trying to figure out what exactly happened.  Why both ligaments?  Why not another?  Meniscal damage too?  Wonder how long he'll be rehabbing before he can skate again?  Play again?  What about playoffs? 

That's normal, right?  To analyze injuries.  I've always loved to watch sports.  I'll skip the golf and baseball on tv, but I could spend hours watching any other game or competition.  Since starting PT school though, I've found a whole new part of watching sports that I can get into: the injuries!

It's kind of my new twisted-nerdy game: Guess That Injury.  Despite my love for the Steelers and their luscious-locked safety, I can't deny that I got a little excited when I got this one "right".
MCL sprain? Correct!

Do you find yourself doing the same?  Not necessarily the same thing exactly; I realize I'm a little weird.  Did I mention that I will also analyze your gait pattern while you walk in front of me?  Want to run down the sidewalk or on the treadmill in my line of sight too?  I'll gladly analyze in secret. Stop the overpronating already!  Catch me on a good bad day, and I might even tell you just how incorrectly you are using your crutches/cane/walker.  That's right, not even your granny is safe!  Ok, not really so much on the last part.  Just because the wheels in my head are turning doesn't mean I would ever actually open my mouth.

So are you guilty too?  Do you find yourself carrying over your work/school/career knowledge into the rest of your life?  Do nutritionists analyze fellow diners meals?  Do techies go crazy over... anyone that isn't?  Do writers go crazy when they read poor grammar?  Is that who scribbles in corrections on random flyers and signs in public?  I want to hear it.  What about your job carries over into the rest of your life or turns into a pet peeve?

PS. Go Steelers!

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