Thursday, February 3, 2011

Give it the boot.

I love coming home to find packages on the porch.  Even if they're not actually surprises and we've paid for them ourselves, I still open them like they're the best gift ever.  Today...
Aren't the beautiful.  I've been searching out the perfect brown boots forever, without much luck.  My "I've played soccer regularly for the last 20 years" calves don't fit into 99% of boots, unfortunately.  So when I found this pretty pair on Amazon, on sale, boasting a "wide shaft" I couldn't pass them up.  (Now stop giggling over the wide shaft part)

The good news is, they fit over my legs!  The so-so news, I can't decide if the shaft is actually too big.
Yeah, my hand kind of fits inside.
Aside from the fact that they accentuate the weird angles of my lower extremity bony alignment... thoughts?
I thought I would send them back, but now they're growing on me.  I kind of like the idea of having a little extra "room to breathe" in my boots, but I don't want them to look silly.  Do they look silly?  Be honest, I can take.  Because if no one tells me they look silly, I'll be wearing this to work tomorrow.

I'm also going to try to start logging my workouts, to up my accountability a bit.  I'll do anything to avoid giving myself a big ZERO, hah. 
Today workout: Soccer night!  Played most of our 48minute game.

GO STEELERS!  Shred the cheeseheads...

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  1. Great boots! I think they look great on you! They have that riding boot look. I have a pair of gray slouchy boots that have stretched out a bit and now they are a little loose on my calves (I have the opposite problem as you and have a hard time finding boots that aren't huge on my calves) and I actually like the look better now.