Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day in the Life

I slept in until 10 yesterday, spent the entire day studying on the couch, and got plenty of sleep last night.

Then my day went like this.  Welcome to my life; it's exhausting.  I have been meaning to do a sort of "Day in the Life of a DPT Student" post, but I've decided that my days just vary way too much to sum it up in just one.  So hopefully I'll be throwing in more of these now and then. 

6am- wake up and get myself ready
6:45- eat breakfast, pack lunch, brew some coffee, and get my stuff together for the day
7:15- out the door to head to campus
7:30- catch up on Bachelor gossip with friends and cram in some desperation studying
8am- Take Neuromuscular exam, while swearing at my paper because I know there is more than one right answer
9am- Head to the lounge to complain about the exam, discuss answers, discuss food, and cram for the next exam
10:15- Back to Neuromuscular class
Noon- Eat lunch with my eyes locked on my Pharmacology notes
1pm- Take Pharmacology exam.  Answer 77 questions on gut feelings and pray for the best
1:45- Walk across the street to buy Chex Mix for afternoon class.  Sign up for a frequent shopper card so I can get half off!
2pm- Briefly attempt to print articles for 2:30 class but give up and walk to Starbucks instead.
2:30- Down a frap on the hallway floor waiting for the room to empty
2:31- Time for peds class!  But my eyelids are heavy and I'm not disappointed when we end early
4:30- Head to the computer lab to waste time work on things until my chauffeur hubs is ready to head home
6:30- Finally head home
7pm- Frozen pizza and steam-in-the-bag veggies for dinner while we watch Watson on Jeopardy.  It was that kind of night.
7:30- Go back and forth between falling asleep and working on compiling a group project that is due Thursday... while watching Biggest Loser
10pm- Give up on the group project for the night because I have off tomorrow and write a blog post instead, followed by an email to my group pinky-swearing that I will get our paper done.
10:30- Convince the hubs to go to bed since it's already 30 minutes past my bedtime

It has been a mentally exhausting day, and I'm convinced someone recently attached 5lb weights to each eyelid.  Who knew sitting still most of the day could drain all your energy so fast!  Made me feel like...

I promise to be back with a little more zest tomorrow; I get to sleep in until at least 7!

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