Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hi AAA- it's us again.

My beloved car must have known that I signed the check for it's very last loan payment last week.
Because when I tried to start it this morning, it refused my request.  On that note, AAA made its third visit to my house in last two weeks.

And no, that picture wasn't from today, thankfully.  We've actually be graced with some unseasonably warm weather.  Last Wednesday, the inside of my nose froze into little icicles (yes, boogie icicles or mucous or whatever you choose to call it).  This Wednesday, I walked out to get the mail in a tshirt and it felt glorious!  Maybe that will be motivation for me to finally take down my Christmas lights and dead pine garland around the front door.  Or maybe not.  The garland should just compost itself any day now anyways...

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