Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fabulous Favorites

It's Friday, and time for Friday Favorites!

1. Favorite Stress Reliever: The stick!  Thanks to spending hours upon hours sitting in school desks and hunched over books studying, I end up with major tension knots in my neck, shoulders, and upper back.  This sweet little piece of plastic is the perfect answer.  Aside from shelling out the money for a real massage, this has got to be the best thing out there!

2. Favorite Breakfast: Oatmeal!  I grew up on a lot of Quaker Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal.  I rediscovered my love a few years ago, and haven't been able to stop myself from downing it practically every morning since then.  I also eat it in my car at least 90% of the time; I'm terrible with time management in the AM!  The unfortunate side effect?  Sometimes our entire supply of spoons ends up in the center console of my car.

3. Favorite Picture Ever: This one.  Of all the billion and one pictures that the hubs and I have taken together, this is by far my fave.  Ok, I'm a little biased because it's from our wedding, but I love it.  It's bright, flattering, and we're both overcome by ridiculously happy smiles.  Life can't get any better than that.

Workout: (I've been slacking on this so I might as well start on a down day)  No workout today, still fighting off the last bit of this chest cold, but hopefully I'll be movin again soon!

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