Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Report Card

It's Sunday night, let's see how things are measuring up this weekend. 

Posting Challenge: Fail.  I was so close, but missed posting yesterday because of a really busy day.
Having a Fun Weekend: A+.  It's been a great weekend, more to come on that later.
Getting Enough Sleep: Fail.  Oops, I really need to catch up because I don't have a single day off in the foreseeable future!
Getting My Old Body Back: My exercise record for the last few days is a big Fail, but it has been an A+ in terms of weight loss and pants fitting better!
Taking Pictures: Despite the fact that I had my camera with me the entire weekend, major Fail!  So, obviously not my pics in this post...)

I worked late Friday night and early Saturday morning, so I didn't really kick off the weekend until Saturday afternoon.  I came home and washed off the chlorine, and then we met up with Nick's friend at PF Chang's.  Yum.
We may or may not have also partaken in a series of adult beverages.  I think they purposefully leave you waiting at the table for so long just so you are enticed to order more drinks- just a theory.  Though I'll admit that I didn't realize until about 5 minutes ago that the "Bomb Pop Martini" they serve is supposed to taste like a BOMB POP!  Clever bunch they are.
After dinner, we headed across the parking lot to the movie theatre to see Hall Pass.  The girls also decided, by very official voting procedures, that 5 seconds before the movie start time would be a very appropriate time to visit the theatre's bar.  Yes, that's right, the movie theatre has it's own (very nice looking) bar.  We couldn't take drinks with us though, so shots were then obviously necessitated.

Side Note Movie Review: Hall Pass was hilarious but some very (very very) explicit sexual humor.  If that's your thing, I highly recommend it!

 I stopped in the theatre restroom after the movie and walked out of the stall to literally run over one of my good friends from grad school!  I love running into people I know, even when they're people that I see most days of the week!
After the movie it was time to move to a different part of the city, and we all converged again at the casino downtown.  Naturally, my favorite part of the casino is the all-you-can-eat sushi, crab legs, and shot glass size desserts in the buffet.  A little bird told me it was socially inappropriate to guide your friends to a buffet 2 hours after eating a 4-course dinner though.  So no buffet for me this weekend- probably for the best.

What did I do instead?  Gambled away all $2 I had in the Atari Pong slot machine, and gawked like a cheapskate at the hundreds of dollars people threw down on the roulette tables!  I also admired the color varieties of the chips.  Pink and lavender chips?  Yes please.

Did I mention that the casino is also pretty?  It only just opened recently, and it has the most amazing location right on the river.  The view of the city is gorgeous, and the view of the casino from downtown isn't bad either!
I finally dragged myself into bed a little after 2, which was really fabulous when I had to get up to work opening shift at the mall this morning.  I was dutifully rewarded though by scoring 2 pairs of pants for a total of $5.95.  I love a good deal!

After another afternoon of work, it was off to see the fam.  Today was my mam's real birthday, so even though we had a party last week, I deemed today as an appropriate excuse for cake as well.  I was properly rewarded for my cake delivery with HOMEMADE PIEROGIES!  If you've never had them, you don't know the amazing (artery clogging) goodness that you're missing.  I only indulge maybe once or twice a year, but they're oh so good when I do.

I shall run 24 hours tomorrow to burn off the butter content alone, pinky promise!

Workout: 4 hours on my feet at work.  Weak, I know.  I just picked out my dress for a wedding two weeks away though, so I've got a little extra push of motivation going into this week!

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