Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mmm mmm Speedos

Had dinner a'la Costco food court. 
Had a nice relationship counseling session with the Costco employee in the clothes section after the hubs made a bosom-size comment while I shopped for a new Speedo.  Joking of course.  Something tells me hubs and I ended up together because sometimes we're the only two that can put up with one another and enjoy every second of it!

This kind of Speedo by the way.
Not so much this kind.
Then we kicked back and relaxed for a bit in an over-sized beanbag chair, lamented about there being no free samples 20 minutes before closing on a Tuesday night, and wheeled ourselves out the car with two full carts.

And that's how you spend a romantic evening with your spouse when you're old, married, in love, and haven't Costco shopped in months!

Did I mention we got over 8" of snow last night?  Tomorrow, I will embark on Operation Dig-Out-My-Car.  I left it parked on the street so we could get the Jeep out of the garage without any trouble this morning.  With multiples plowings... there is snowed piled halfway up my door.  Awesome.  Aerobic workout here I come!

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