Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes I wear clothes

I'm finishing off the 9th day of Spring Break, and I've enjoyed neither.  No spring weather and no break either!

No work or other responsibilities tomorrow though, for my 10th and final day "off".  There will certainly be some big excitement tomorrow though, but you'll just to wait and see what it is!

In the meantime, I did occasionally get dressed and remember to bring out the camera a few times this week!

Morning workout: I hooped!  It's fun, but my tummy and love handles felt bruised for days!
 Sorry for the bum shot, the shirt is just more fun from the back!
Shoes: Asics from Dick's
Shorts: Old Navy clearance rack
Running Tank: Target clearance rack
BondiBand- love those things!

Sunny Day: It was a little warm and sunny one day, and the color choices followed suit.
Tee: Victoria's Secret semi-ann sale $4!
Tank: VS semi-ann sale $4!
Trouser Jeans: Target a few years ago
Black Ballet Flats: Target, love their $12 flats
Glass bead necklace: Cookie Lee

Off to Work: Working retail is really just an excuse to pull out the unworn clothes in my closet.
Sparkly flowered tank: Target, clearance rack of course
Grey Cardi: American Eagle
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Naturalizer
Necklace: Cookie Lee
Hair: circa 1990 called and wants it back!

Tough Girl: Just humor me and pretend I'm a little intimidating.  Be kind, this was 11:30 at night following a particularly exhausting rec league indoor game.  Just be thankful that blog pics aren't scratch and sniff!
Tee: team shirts from American Apparel
Shorts: Target, love the fit of these and went back to buy more!
Indoor shoes: Nike, from Dick's.

Stop in again tomorrow for another peek at my clearance couture closet.  Maybe by that time I'll be able to track down a picture of what I wore to the wedding we went to yesterday, since all I ever manage to do is put my camera in my purse and never take it out!

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