Monday, July 18, 2011

Keep those cheeks under wraps

I worked a 6+ hour shift at job #2 on Sunday, but I had some excitement to look forward to when I got home... the World Cup Final!  I started work at noon, so simple math tells you that I wasn't watching the game live.  I was terribly proud that I made it home and to my couch with a downloaded version of the game without finding out who won.  It wasn't until almost 10pm that I finally saw the heartbreaking finish.
Of course I wanted the US to win, but no game better exemplifies what a fickle sport soccer is.  All it takes is a touch of the foot (or head if your jersey happens to read Wambach) to win a game.  You can be up, or down, for 89 minutes, and all you need is that other 60 seconds to go the other way to change the result of the game.  It's one of the hardest but most exciting things that I love about soccer, best game in the world.

Bonus.  Shielding myself from Facebook, blogs, and all other social media so as not to spoil the game results, I also had lots of time to give myself a manicure.  Was it the most professional choice to be rocking at clinic today, no, probably not.  But let's be honest, a few of my kids were totally digging them, and a mom asked me for advice for her daughter's nails.  I used O.P.I.; apparently the Sally Hansen version just made her colors swirl together.
 And just to clarify, yes, I did just shamelessly jump into being trendy with this one.  Don't worry though, there are a million and one more inappropriate trends that I don't plan on partaking in.  I've already seen more than my share of these this summer- I've maxed out on 20-something of bum cheeks.  I promise to keep mine under wraps.

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