Saturday, July 23, 2011

Refreshment the size of my face

Do you ever go to the store with a particular "thing" in mind and have zero luck finding it?  Even though you swear you saw the exact "thing" there last week?  Do you mope about it for 10 minutes while waiting in line at Starbucks because the lady in front of you orders something so silly that the barista has to look up directions for how to make it? 

That kind of sums up my evening.

I decided to solve the problem by going to Michael's for a few supplies, and threw those together with some things from around the house.
Don't judge just because we're still using snowmen napkins from Winter 2009.  I promise they're almost gone.

Shortly after arriving home... project complete!
One guess where we are headed tomorrow... in the heat wave!

Also in the line-up tomorrow?  Lots and lots of banana bread!

Alas, if you've ever wondered just how big Starbucks "Trenta" size is.  The answer is that it is bigger than my face.
30+ ounces of Iced Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade when it's 90+ outside, yes please!

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