Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Final Walk

I can't think of a better day or opportunity to put an end to my blogging hiatus.

It's a really big day in the world of ZestyNerd, with an emphasis on the 'big' and 'nerd'.  It's graduation day!  Me and 53 other people that I've spent entirely too much time with and palpated from head to toe are now Doctors of Physical Therapy.  Fair warning for anyone considering an education in PT- you touch your classmates a lot.

Me and the hubs- my rock, my shoulder, my chauffeur, my sanity.  He should receive an honorary degree just for putting up with all the anxiety, stress, tears, and more that he's endured the last 3 years!
My Mam and Pap.  Guilty- I did still have the cap on after dinner.  Whether I wanted to be congratulated by 10 women that I don't know in the restaurant bathroom or whether I was afraid of the inevitable hat head is your decision.
Just a handful of the amazing women I've gotten to meet through grad school.
And a few more!

Congrats fellow grads- we made it!

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