Thursday, March 15, 2012

No regrets

You know how everyone always says that you'll regret not working out, but you'll never regret  a workout.  I would normally agree, but not today.  I chose sleeping another 2 hours instead of running 8 miles before work.  It was the best decision I've made all week.  I've been so tired, so very tired, and sleep was definitely the right choice.  It only took a  minor change up to my training plan, so I might as well take the sleep when I feel like I need it most.

My painfully slow 3 miler last night didn't help either.  I was absolutely dragging despite gorgeous weather and a new trail; I needed sleep.  Thankfully, the week had started out better.  I had capped off Sunday night with a 15 miler that left me feeling fantastic.  Well, fantastic + crampy hamstrings, but fantastic nonetheless.
Post 15 miles in the freakishly unseasonable weather.
Ok, I've totally given in to refueling with low fat chocolate milk.  I'm a follower, yes.  And I'm enjoying every last drop.

Now here's my tip for getting the most out of your "rest days".  Apply the "rest" philosophy to everything.  This includes rest from all but the most necessary responsibilities... and letting someone else cook dinner!
Dear Market District- I think I'm in love with you.
It was an off day, but I've moved my 8 miles until after work tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it now that I'm rested!

Question of the Day: Have you had an "off" day or an "on" day?

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