Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A life of new beginnings

With my board exam finally a thing of the past, I have been left with lots of extra minutes in my days.  I have been studying for more than 3 years straight.  Is it possible to feel lost because you have nothing to study for?

Thankfully, there were plenty of new adventures on the horizon:

I started a new job!  Before I was even officially licensed, I had started my new physical therapist position.  I am a school-based physical therapist, and I was blessed enough to get a position that allows me to work in only one school.  I've worked two weeks for ESY and now have a month off again before the school year starts. That's a lot more days to spend in the pool before the end of summer!
4th of July with the fam.  I do see the sun frequently; I just love my  sunscreen too.
I've been party planning.  My sister's nuptials are creeping up faster and faster.  As matron of honor, I am in the midst of some super fun party planning!  I put it off until after my exam, so I am now having tons of fun planning an August bridal shower and September bachelorette party.  I also had way too much fun wedding shoe shopping.  Thank you Aldo for an awesome sale; I will now have 6 pairs of shoes showing up at my front door.
The super cute barn where we are having the shower.  Photo credit to
Question of the Day:  Are you a bridal shower lover or hater?  Things you enjoy or dread about attending a shower?

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