Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy dancing for the NPTE

Truth is, I've been hiding out.

As my board exam (NPTE) on July 2nd drew closer I started to regret telling so many people about it.  Between blogging, Facebook, neighbors, family, and friends... I was starting to feel the pressure build.  I knew I had studied my butt off, but I wasn't feeling very confident in the days leading up to it.  I may have had nightmares about having to tell everyone that I failed and was going to have to work at McDonald's with my Doctorate degree.

For the future PTs that care, I'll get an NPTE focused post up later, but let's just skip ahead to the important part.

I found out yesterday that I PASSED!  I have never had such a feeling of total relief; the weight that was lifted off of me is inexplicable.  I am an officially licensed PT, DPT, and I started my new job this week too.  More on that later too.  For now I'm just enjoying not studying and not stressing!

I also told the hubs that passing my boards made me the happiest I've ever been.
Ok, ok, so that was a pretty happy day too.  We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past weekend!

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