Monday, June 25, 2012

Perks to studying for the NPTE

The NPTE (ie. boards) will officially be over a week from now.  I dare not disclose how nervous, confident, or otherwise I am until it's well over and results are in.  I am just really looking forward to it being something in my past instead of my impending future.

For now, I'm just studying like it's my full-time job, and my hobby, and what I do in my sleep.  I'm on pace though, so I've at least thwarted a total meltdown, so far.

The secret though is that there are some perks to studying all the time:

1. I finally have time to paint my nails.  I never paint them because I can never sit still long enough to let them dry.  I was also trying to keep them "interview appropriate" until now.  Now, base coat, study, 1st coat, study, 2nd coat, study, top coat, study... and done.  Too bad I won't leave the house for anyone to see them.

2. I am totally getting my money's worth out of my deck furniture.  I've bee spending 3 hours a day breaking in my deck furniture since I put it up a few weeks ago.  It will be all warmed up for some serious relaxing when I'm ready!

3. I've all but abandoned "real" clothes in favor of comfy duds and the occasional bikini.  It's hot on the deck!  I would totally understand if someone studying for boards went a few days without showering.  I shower because I'd like it when the hubs is willingly in the same room as me.  If it weren't for him...
Official study uniform.
I did give in and cleaned up that laziness for a birthday celebration at Hofbrauhaus last weekend though.  That was pretty much my only brush with society though, outside of running necessary errands.
Photo credit to the person behind the birthday girl's camera.
PS- I paid $10 for that outfit at Loft; I really adore sale racks.

And for all the PT/fitness/running nerds, I have to share a close up of this shirt.
Aren't they cutest little endorphins you've ever seen?

Whether it was high school or college- where did/do you like to study?  Library, outside, coffee shops, home on the couch?
I prefer outside, with Starbucks/Panera coming in a close but less-economical second.  I'm pretty useless on my couch.

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